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Annual Report 2022

Message from our Board Chair

“We should be extremely proud of the progress we’ve made as well as the consistency we’ve maintained.” 


This is the last Chair report from me, as I finish up my time with Life’s Little Treasures Foundation (LLTF) as a board member. 

I was introduced to the world of premature babies through a chance meeting with Lynda Day, the founder of Earlybirds almost 14 years ago. 

While I hope that I’ve played a small part in the continual improvement within the organisation, there are a few key achievements that the team has made over the past year that I’d like to highlight, especially considering the challenges of the pandemic.

Our CEO, Felicia Welstead, has well and truly settled into the role, and added her very own ‘Felicia touch’, including the introduction of new and innovative fundraising activities, as well as working to bring people together for key events such as World Prematurity Day. She has really worked to immerse herself within the community and taken great pride in representing the organisation at events. 

Karin Vosmansky has continually been a rock to me personally, as well as to LLTF. We are so lucky to still have one of our founding directors on the board and someone who is so passionate and active within the organisation. We have managed to benefit immensely from her sharp financial nous and professional experience. 

Our National Products and Services Manager, Karen Peters has achieved outstanding results and is always looking at new efficiencies and better ways of doing things. She’s also the first person to offer practical and emotional support to the team and is a true cheerleader. 

Product and Services Administrator, Maggie Lloyd, has been a ray of positivity, taking on additional roles including hosting our live interactions and acting as ‘host’. 

Thank you to all the 70+ volunteers who consistently show up to ‘fly the flag’ for LLTF and really help to keep things moving. This extends to my fellow board members, all of whom are exceptionally smart people with busy lives who still find the time to make LLTF the organisation it is today. They have been both fantastic colleagues as well as becoming lovely friends. 

So that’s a wrap for FY2021-2022. We should be extremely proud of the progress we’ve made as well as the consistency we’ve maintained! 

Chriss Mannix, Chair  


*Excerpt from Annual Report. Download available below. 

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