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As parents who have gone through the journey of having a baby born prematurely, we know first hand how stressful and traumatic the experience can be.  We developed this app from our experiences in the hope to make your journey as a parent of a premature or sick baby a bit easier.

The first of its kind, Premature Baby Journal is a global app that is easy
to use, no matter where you are in the world and a great tool for parents with
a Little Treasure.  The app is designed to record information in an imperial or metric measure so that you can track your baby’s progress through the hospital and beyond wherever you are.  It is packed full of features making it easy to track your baby’s feeds, expressing times, weight gain as well as keeping a journal for all the milestones your baby achieves.

Some of the many features that the Premature Baby Journal app includes are:

  • Records baby’s birth details,
  • Keep journals for multiple babies,
  • Converts actual age into corrected age (weeks),
  • Tracks weight, feeding, expressing and temperature in graphs
  • Tracks milestones and allows you to upload photos,
  • Records number of feeds, time of feeds, amount of feeds and method of feed,
  • Records total feeds given to baby per day,
  • Records number of expresses and amount expressed by mother,
  • Set alarm for when next express is due,
  • Record your feelings of all family members in journal section,
  • Set a reminder for questions to ask to match the doctor’s rounds in the hospital.

Available at:

The Premature Baby Journal is available to purchase from the Apple i-store HERE
The Premature Baby Journal is available to purchase from Google Play store HERE




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