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Melanie’s story – How she fought to survive Swine Flu & Charlotte born 34 weeks Where to begin… I have had the privilege of having 2 amazing little miracles. My first a son Thomas whom was born at 30weeks. Weighing 4pds 2 oz he will be 5 in 2 weeks

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Chris Ray and Lachlan

My husband and I had always expected that we would need medical intervention to achieve a pregnancy. So it was with overwhelming joy that Lachlan was conceived without any issues. It was from this point, however, that our real journey of difficulty began, not where we had anticipated it. The

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Doctors had given up hope of saving tiny Kian Richardson, born in a toilet bowl after just 23 weeks in the womb. But Ferntree Gully mum Tamara Richardson believes the power of love pulled him through.

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All had been going great with my fourth pregnancy, until the 19 week ultrasound. It showed that I’d had a bleed into the sac, but they really werent concerned, I’d had a brief sharp pain low on the side of my belly around a week prior which actually stopped me

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Deb Scott

I was born in the October of 1962. My mother was a hard working farmers wife, who was heavily involved with helping on the farm and not just in the house; My story started back in the march of 1962, my mother and her mum had been involved in a

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Aleyah was born at 36 weeks on the 28th September 2005. At 34 weeks the Dr’s noticed that Aleyah had stopped growing and were a little concerned that the placenta was not doing its job, I was told to eat as much as I could and as frequently as I

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New smart phone applications

Two new smart phone applications have been developed by the Life’s Little Treasures Foundation to help parents of premature and sick babies Premature Baby Journal The Premature Baby Journal is a global app that is easy to use, no matter where you are in the world and a great tool for parents

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A little treasure

We were surprised, nervous & excited to find out we were pregnant. The Dr sent us for a scan even though she thought we were only about 8 weeks. How exciting! We were going to see our baby for the first time!! It wasn’t long into the scan when I

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