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I couldn’t face losing a healthy baby at 20 weeks

I had a difficult start to my pregnancy with four weeks of constant bleeding and as a result a perpetual fear of having another miscarriage. My 12-week scan was normal and I was hoping I could finally relax and enjoy the rest of my pregnancy. Instead, we left the scan

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Our little 33-week miracle

William’s due date was 12 June. We’d previously had a miscarriage so every little milestone reached and each week that passed was another breath of relief. This is Natalie’s story: “My husband took me to a routine check-up one Monday – due to Covid, he couldn’t come in with me

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As a male and first time Dad I felt useless and helpless…

Both a mother’s and father’s mental health are associated with increased risk that their baby will be born premature, a new study has found. The research, led by the Murdoch Children’s Research Institute (MCRI) and published in EClinicalMedicine, found men with persistent mental health problems through adolescence and young adulthood

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Open letter from grandparent Carol

Dear Grandparents While parents of premmies may be shocked, overwhelmed and confused, their parents, the baby’s grandparents often feel exactly the same. They have looked forward to the birth of their grandchild with joy and expectation, and their dreams of the happy birth are shattered as well. The shattered expectations

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