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My baby and I were both slowly dying

When Nicole started to feel very unwell, she was initially dismissed as having anxiety. But the reality was far more dangerous. This is Nicole’s story: When I found out I was pregnant at 6 weeks, it was a beautiful surprise. Initially, I was overwhelmed with excitement until I realised I

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I didn’t make it to the hospital in time

Matthew was born in the middle of a world-wide pandemic, in the back of an ambulance on the side of the road at 33 weeks. This is Kristal’s story: My labour was very spontaneous. When my waters started to leak in the early hours of the morning, my partner got our 2 year

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I was told my baby would not survive

When my waters broke at 18 weeks, despite not being in labour, I was told I should terminate my baby. This is Salley’s story: I went for a gender scan at 18+2 weeks only to be told my baby couldn’t be seen due to a lack of fluid around him

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Despite best efforts, my twin girls had their own plans

After the initial shock of seeing two little ‘sprouts’ in our first scan at only 6 weeks, we had a wonderful pregnancy journey as first-time parents, until their surprise appearance at 32 weeks This is Samantha’s story: At 31 weeks pregnant, we were told that we were in labour and

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In a hurry to be a leap year baby

Although I was four weeks away from my scheduled caesarean, I wasn’t concerned by my contractions. I assumed they were due to my irritable uterus. I was fine last time it happened and had no reason to believe we could stop them again. This is Teegan’s story: “It was February

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