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Parent Stories


All had been going great with my fourth pregnancy, until the 19 week ultrasound. It showed that I’d had a bleed into the sac, but they really werent concerned, I’d had a brief sharp pain low on the side of my belly around a week prior which actually stopped me

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Deb Scott

I was born in the October of 1962. My mother was a hard working farmers wife, who was heavily involved with helping on the farm and not just in the house; My story started back in the march of 1962, my mother and her mum had been involved in a

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Aleyah was born at 36 weeks on the 28th September 2005. At 34 weeks the Dr’s noticed that Aleyah had stopped growing and were a little concerned that the placenta was not doing its job, I was told to eat as much as I could and as frequently as I

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A little treasure

We were surprised, nervous & excited to find out we were pregnant. The Dr sent us for a scan even though she thought we were only about 8 weeks. How exciting! We were going to see our baby for the first time!! It wasn’t long into the scan when I

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