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Charity continues innovation with launch of Android App

The Life’s Little Treasures Foundation continues its innovative ways to help premature babies and their families by launching the android version of their already highly successful free app NICU Words.

“Every year in Australia, around 21,000 infants are born prematurely and admitted to neonatal intensive and special care units – which equates to approximately 59 babies a day,” said Parool Shah, founding director of Life’s Little Treasures Foundation and mum to premature baby Luke.   

Having a premature baby often leaves parents feeling like they have landed in a foreign country where everyone is speaking a different language. With this in mind, the Life’s Little Treasures Foundation developed a FREE app that is a glossary of terms, machines and people that families will encounter in neonatal intensive care units and Special Care Nurseries. This app has been very successful in the Apple App store with over 5500 downloads in the last 12 months and the Foundation hopes that more families worldwide will now be able to benefit with the launch of NICU words into the android market.

 “The Life’s Little Treasures Foundation believes that information, education and resources are key to empowering families and helping achieve the best outcomes for premature babies,” said Ms Shah.

 Preterm birth is the number one killer of newborns worldwide, and rates of premature births are on the rise in Australia and other Western countries.

The NICU Words Android app is now available now on Google Play and still also available  in the App store


Download the Android App HERE


Download the iApp HERE



To view other App developed by the Foundation go HERE


Posted: 25th February 2013


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