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Deb Scott

Deb ScottI was born in the October of 1962.

My mother was a hard working farmers wife, who was heavily involved with helping on the farm and not just in the house; My story started back in the march of 1962, my mother and her mum had been involved in a horrific car accident which left both of them severely injured, Mum was hospitalised for 3 weeks and my nan for longer as she was in a coma. When they both eventually returned home to the farm, it was up to mum to help my nan and look after her. Mum always maintained that it was the stress of trying to help on the farm and look after her mum that helped bring me on early. I was born 3 months early at a country hospital weighing 2lb 5oz in the old scale.

I was placed in a very basic humicrib that’s sole purpose was to keep me warm, there was no oxygen or prenatal care, in place the sister in charge of looking after me, would breath in to me gently if I stopped breathing, mum had the church minister come and tell her that I had to be named as I would most likely die the first day i was born. I was fed by an eyedropper, every half hour,(Mum had expressed milk for the hospital to use, which she drove 30 klms to give to the hospital every day).

The doctors had major concerns for me ,warning mum that I may be Disabled in some way,and that was only if I lived. I beat all odds and was finally allowed home when I was 13 weeks old , weighing 6lbs 15oz. The doctor told mum that she was taking me home to die as it wasn’t possible for me to live.

Mum refused to believe the doctor, and spent the next two years with me on her front with a sling she had made herself, so that I stayed sitting upright, as this was the only way I could breath , her and dad spent nights taking turns sitting up in a chair with me on their shoulder,just to keep me alive. She had to make my clothes and nappies as you couldn’t get clothes small enough .
As I got older, I continued to have difficulty breathing and spend a majority of my babyhood and childhood in oxygen tents at the local hospital.

I suffered with every cold,flu,bronchitis and bug going around, it also took along time for me to grow at age six I could still walk under the dinner table.

I’am now going to turn 50 this year and now have kids of my own,a boy and a girl whom are both adults now, I also have a little granddaughter. The strangest thing is my sister had a premmie bub, who was born the same gestation and weight as me . He was born at the King Edward hospital in WA.

I was told I wouldnt have kids, Life is a miracle, dont give up, miracles are everywhere you just have to look.


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