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Ee Lynn Cheah

Something positive to share! My baby Grace was born at 32 weeks at 1.8kg last Thursday. She is able to breathe on her own and just needs to be inside the incubator to grow bigger. This is the best part, I am born with half a heart and hence was told that I can never have kids as have a 50% chance of miscarriage plus my baby might have higher probability to inherit heart disease.

I had a complex pregnancy and a giant placental lake which Drs never seen before throughout my pregnancy. I was in the Royal Prince Alfred Hospital ICU for 2 days. However with God’s blessing she is a healthy baby. She was fortunately born being able to breath on her own. It shows that no matter what circumstances we are in, having a positive outlook, having faith, hope and surrounding yourself with loads of positive thoughts to give you and your baby the best outcome is important!

Everything is possible if you believe! Miracles do happen and never give up no matter what. Once you start on this journey, suck it in and pull it through because if you do things out of love, it will never go wrong! Keep praying! Loads of love to you!



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