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Christmas Family Appeal 2021

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This Christmas, our thoughts go to families in hospital with a premature or sick baby. This experience can affect all members of the family and impact the ones ‘keeping it together.’

Aaron and Jess’s daughter Charlotte arrived 15 weeks early. The shock of her birth heightened the anxiety Aaron had been battling throughout the pregnancy. “On the night she was born, I had left my medication at home because I thought Jess would be checked over and we would be home before long. I had seven anxiety attacks that night! I was trying to stay strong, but it was all so frightening, and I felt everything was totally out of my control.”

“As a new father, I felt completely helpless!”

It was weeks before Aaron and mum, Jess could hold their new baby Charlotte in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit. “As a new father, I felt completely helpless! I couldn’t protect my daughter. All I could do was stand by and watch as they pricked her and put tubes into her little body. I struggled to leave her side. I remember thinking as I walked out of her room, this will be the last time I see her alive.”

Families shouldn’t have to go through this experience alone. Please support them today.

Many dads and partners of these babies struggle with the emotional impact of supporting their family through this traumatic time.

Evidence indicates that the parents who have access to peer support like LLTF’s NICU Connections have reduced feelings of isolation and more opportunities to validate their emotional experiences. We understand what these families are going through and building connections for our families helps to normalise their situation. Our groups equip parents with the information and confidence they need to become their child’s advocate and provide the best outcomes for themselves and their babies.  

Right now, our team are working on the major goal of raising $15,000 by Christmas Day to ensure we can staff our NICU Connections events to support parents of premature and sick babies right across Australia. Can you help us?

“I’m so grateful to Life’s Little Treasures for their support that I have decided to volunteer with the new dads and partners NICU Connections sessions. This group will give dads the chance to listen, share and help each other along the journey.” AARON

Give a gift this Christmas that will mean so much to families struggling to cope emotionally with the birth of their premature or sick baby.

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