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June Family Tax Appeal 2022

The emotional pressure of having a new baby stay in hospital for weeks or months takes a toll. With 48,000 babies born premature or sick every year in Australia, that’s a lot of families who then struggle with the added financial pressure of this unexpected and life-changing journey.

23-weeks into her pregnancy, Keris’ was rushed to hospital when a scan revealed that her cervix had opened.

“I was terrified. I kept saying, “I’m not having the babies now!”. It was very overwhelming. I didn’t get to see our other children. My husband couldn’t come with me.”

After a stable week in antenatal care, Keris’ placenta ruptured. Within a few frantic hours, twins Gwen and Eli were born. They were only 24 weeks, weighing a tiny 740grams, and immediately intubated and rushed to NICU. It was six days before Keris could cuddle her daughter, Gwen and an agonising 13 days more before she could hold Eli.

Sadly, Keris’ story is too familiar, with 48,000 babies born premature or sick every year in Australia. That’s a lot of families who then struggle with the emotional and financial pressure of juggling this unexpected and life-changing journey. Thankfully, Life’s Little Treasures Foundation is here to support them through this critical time.

“During our time in NICU, we received crucial information, a Precious Prem Pack, a Little Bag of Calm and a Christmas gift from Life’s Little Treasures Foundation. These items were so helpful to us. NICU can be such a scary and isolating place, but these gifts made us feel cared for and less alone.” – Mum, Keris”

Our Financial Assistance Package supports 120 families a year with a package that includes a $250 Gift Card to pay for groceries, petrol and parking. Over the past 12 months, we have distributed more than $30,000 to families.

LLTF are not government funded. We rely on the generosity of our supporters to continue delivering our services. Your donation will help us continue to support families like Keris’ through their time in hospital and beyond. We’re aiming to raise $30,000 for our Financial Assistance Program to help more than 120 families through 2022-2023 with the unexpected costs of having a premature or sick baby. With your help, we can do this.

Please help us fund our Financial Assistance Program for families

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