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Tax Appeal 2021

Too many families struggle with the financial stress of having their baby stay in NICU or Special Care

We need to raise $30,000 by 30 June to ensure we can offer families assistance when they need it most. Can you help us by donating now?

Tiny Aaron was born at just 25 weeks and faced a difficult start, but is now a bright and bubbly 10-month-old

For Aaron’s mum, Natasha, it was like a terrible nightmare. Except it was real. She was expecting twin boys and they were both in trouble.

Thomas, the first twin, sadly passed away in the womb at 24-weeks. But for Natasha, the nightmare continued for eight more days until Aaron was born. He was well under 1kg. For six weeks, Natasha and her partner Matt could only hold their baby occasionally. Tiny Aaron was in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit to keep him alive.

“We live in regional Victoria,” says Natasha, “so we were stuck in Melbourne during the lockdown and none of our family members was able to join us. Thankfully, some of the financial strain of living away from home was eased through the generous support provided by Life’s Little Treasures. Knowing we had the backing of the Foundation made so much difference.”

It is unbearable to think of families going through this alone.

Around Australia every day some 131 babies are admitted into special care or neonatal unit. That’s 48,000 babies every year! At Life’s Little Treasures Foundation we reach out to so many families that go through similar experiences to Natasha. But we can’t do it on our own. You can play your part, by donating today. Please give to Life’s Little Treasures today so we can reach more families like Natasha’s.

Life’s Little Treasures Foundation offers families in need a $200 Visa card for petrol and food and/or a $250 Coles voucher for groceries. But we can only do this with your kind-heartedness. That is why TODAY we’re asking you to make a generous gift of $50, $75, or even $100 to show how much the cause means to you.

Thanks to the support from LLTF, they were able to focus on spending time with Aaron watching him reach his milestones and finally go home. Aaron is doing really well and is now 8kg!

Will you please give $50 to help us provide emergency financial assistance to families who have a premature or sick baby? You will be helping mums and dads when they need it most.

Give now to help deserving families like Natasha and Matt’s.

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