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The Foundation launches its Christmas Giving Program nationally

Christmas is a time of joy, a time when families and friends get together. However for those with a baby that is fragile and battling for life in hospital, it can be a time of great sadness, knowing that your first Christmas is going to be spent with a family member missing at home.

This is also the time of year of sharing and giving, with people buying gifts for their family, friends and loved ones.  However for those with babies in hospital, the story is quite different.  For many this is a time when the financial burden of having a baby in hospital becomes more apparent.  Instead of spending money on their loved ones to make Christmas special, families often have to count and save pennies in order to feed themselves, pay for petrol, parking and in some cases accommodation whilst their baby is in hospital.

The Life’s Little Treasures Foundation understands what these families are going through and have just launched their “Hospital Christmas Giving Program” nationally.

Co Founder & Director Parool Shah says “It’s a program whereby we are able to provide financial assistance and gifts to families with a baby in hospital.  So many families do it tough at this time of the year and we like to make things a little easier for them – to let them know that someone cares.

“After many years of running the program successfully in Victoria, we are delighted to take the program nationally and assist families in need in hospitals all around Australia. We hope that our ‘gift’ will provide them with some joy and make Christmas feel that little bit more special.”

To all the parents around Australia with babies in hospital over Christmas, we are thinking of you.

A few tips from our website on spending Christmas in hospital READ HERE

Meaghan and Alex parents to twin prems Millie & Lachlan share a few of their thoughts on spending Christmas in hospital.

“The connection and bond that is created between parents and staff caring for the most precious gift, ‘our children‘ is special and Christmas day was an experience where this relationship was strengthened and nourished by the desire we had to embrace family and friends in the traditional spirit of the day.”

If you would like to help the Foundation continue services such as this then please DONATE NOW and help us help these families.


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