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The Life’s Little Treasures Foundation has many projects which we are currently involved in.  In order to achieve our goals we need to have adequate funding.

Here are a list of fundraising ideas we have put together to give you some fundraising inspiration!

A         Abseil, afternoon tea, auction

B         Baby shower, BBQ, bike ride, billy cart race, boogie, bungee jump, break a record

C         Cake stall, car wash, car boot sale, champagne breakfast, christening,  Christmas jumper day, clean windows, climb a mountain, concert, crazy hair day, cricket match

D         Dance, dinner, dog walk, dog wash, dress down, dress up

E         Exhibition, expedition

F         Face painting, fancy dress, fashion show, fete, fish, fitness class, fun run

G         Garden party, garage sale, gold coin collection, grow a beard, grow a mo

H         Halloween party, silly hat day

I           Icy pole sale

J          Jelly bean guess, go on a journey, jump out of an aeroplane

K         Karaoke night, knitting bee, wear a kilt to work

L         Late jar, lucky dip, loud shirt day

M        Morning tea, climb Mount Everest

N         Netball tournament, no make up day, no uniform day

O         Odd job day, odd shoe day

P         Paper plane competition, pancake day, piggy back races, plant sale, pram push

Q        Quit smoking, quiz night

R        Raffle, read, row a boat

S         Sausage sizzle, shave, shopping tour, skydive, slim, spelling bee, sports day, swear jar

T         Teddy bears’ picnic, ten-pin bowling, tennis tournament, three-legged races, tug-o-war

U         Uni-cycle ride

V         Valentines day message service

W        Wash cars, wash dogs, wear orange, whiskey tasting, wine tasting

X         X-box competition, X-factor competition, xmas cards

Y          Yacht race

Z          Zip-wire 


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