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Online Fundraising

Online fundraising

Is the easiest way of raising money for LLTF. You can choose the portal that suits you most but our preferred partner is EveryDayHero  an online fundraising platform, dedicated to taking all the hard work out of fundraising.

Getting Started

Whether you want to host a baby shower or run a marathon, online fundraising is easy.

In a few simple steps you can create your personal fundraising page, and keep it up-to-date with photos, videos, tweets and emails as you progress. Anyone can make a donation and leave a message of support, and you can also thank them for their donation through the page. Donations are automatically processed and transferred to Life’s Little Treasures Foundation once you have completed your event. Simple!

Life’s Little Treasures Foundation will support you in your efforts wherever we can. Don’t forget to let us know about your plans!

Click here to start fundraising through Everyday Hero or you might also be interested in Go Fundraise


Making the most of your Online Fundraising page

The online system is a great way to keep track of your fundraising efforts and keep your sponsors up to date on your progress.

  • Set yourself a fundraising goal– Set yourself a goal that others will want to help you achieve. Would you be more likely to donate to a friend who wants to achieve a goal of $1000 rather than $100?
  • Personalise your page– Upload your photos and personalise your message to sponsors. You can add photos to your page. Even better, upload a video explaining why you are trying to raise money.  You may even be able to put your company’s logo here if they are match giving or making a generous contribution
  • Sponsor yourself– Make the first donation yourself.  When doing this remember that the first amount often sets the benchmark for further donations
  • Send an email to all of your contacts and ask for their support! You may want to start with family and friends first as they will be your most generous supporters. You may need to email your family/contacts more than once.  People want to donate but often forget so don’t feel awkward about asking people more than once.
  • Use your own email as well as the online page facility – Copy and paste the URL from your Hero Page into your own email system and then use this to contact your supporters. You can send out more emails at once like this, and also set up email groups.
  • Change your email signature – You can change your email signature at work (if they permit) and/or at home to add a line at the bottom which includes the web address of your fundraising page.
  • Use your page as a blog– Upload new photos or videos regularly, keeping your supporters up to date with what you have been doing
  • Don’t finish fundraising once the event has finished – Once the event is finished, update your page again and email it to your contacts. This is a good way of letting your supporters know that you have achieved your goal and if you haven’t, this will prompt those who have forgotten to make a donation.

Some of our Fundraising Champions


Rob Tunningley

Rob ran the Canberra Marathon on our behalf and raised a very impressive $2,226. Rob’s daughter Lilly is an ex-32 weeker and is his inspiration to run.

Rob says:

These little people fight so hard to live. I hope to draw on that fighting spirit around 37kms when I hit the wall and remember that no matter how hard the marathon race and training are, its nothing compared to what these tiny kids and their parents go through.”

Nicole Petrin

Running the Sydney Herald Half Marathon




Deirdre Bermingham

Running the Sydney Herald Half Marathon

Makoto Sawa

Ran an unbelievable four ultra-marathons (100km each), four weeks apart, for four different charities. He chose LLTF as one of the recipients because his nephew was born 6 weeks premature and Life’s Little Treasures Foundation supported his family through the first few months.



Michael Seychell, National Business Manager for Vodafone Hutchison Australia, who ran the Gold Coast Marathon (42.2km) to raise funds for the LLT Foundation.  He completed it in an fantastic 3hrs 46 mins and

raised a whopping $8000, $3,000 of which was donated by his company through the Vodafone Foundation in their match giving program.  We can’t thank Michael enough for this amazing feat & the Vodafone Foundation for their generosity.



 Jack Masters our first everyday hero kicked off the year for us by running in the “Run Melbourne Marathon”

Jack raised a fantastic $1,500.

Jack has first hand experience of life in special care when they spent some time there with his daughter.

Keith Crawford, another very special everyday hero who ran 21km’s in 1 hour 49 minutes in the St George Melbourne Marathon.

Keith raised an incredible $4,600.

Keith has two daughters Caitlyn and Alana both born prematurely.


Sharee George, our everyday hero placing in the top 10 in the Maroondah Fun Run raised $800 (well above her target). Sharee supports LLT by helping with merchandise through the web site Buttons Baby Keepsakes, for which she is a consultant.



Bronwyne who owns the store is a great LLT supporter also & you can order some amazing items for your little ones on the site.

Maya Harrington along with her Grade 5 school friends Josephine, Jamie, Tish, Stephanie and Charlotte, came up with their own fundraising ideas, selling snow cones, scoobies, sherbet, juggling balls and selling Life’s Little Treasures merchandise at their school fete.

They raised an amazing $870 for us.

Maya’s brother Luke was born 3 months prematurely and is now 6 years

Jessica Close & Rebecca Starkins two Ruytons heros. The annual and legendary Ruyton and Trinity Netball match. A gold coin was collected from each student watching the match and soft drinks were also sold.

The fantastic event raised over $700.

Thanks to all who helped the girls organize the event making it a fun filled few hours.

Again Sharee George ran for LLT in the 4km – “Take on the Lake Fun Run” , she did it in a record 18 minutes & brought her grand total of funds raised for LLT to a whopping $1,000.



Our wonderful team of supporters who ran in the Run Melbourne, raising over $6,500. We can’t thank them enough.

Fundraising Ideas A-Z

For more great ideas on how you can fundraise click HERE


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