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You can In Jan Volunteer Drive

You Can in Jan!

What better way to start off the new year than by doing something good for yourself by doing something good for others!

This month, we are holding our ‘You Can in Jan’ volunteer recruitment drive and are seeking passionate, motivated individuals who would like to join our team of awesome volunteers! Specifically, we are in need of volunteers for our online NICU Connections Peer Support Groups, and with the recent launch of our new group just for dads, we are especially in need of dad volunteers.

If you are a parent of a premature baby and are willing to share your experience, provide a listening ear and words of encouragement and support to others, we would love to hear from you!

What is a Peer Support Volunteer?

Peer Support Volunteers are parents who draw on their lived experience to provide support, encouragement and a listening ear to parents who have a baby in the hospital.

To volunteer, you will need to :

  • Be at least 1 year on from the birth of your premature or sick baby
  • Commit 2 ½ hours a week for 6-12 months
  • Agree to undertake a National Police Check and Training
  • Have good written English skills
  • Have a compassionate heart for others
  • Have access to two devices (e.g., tablet and laptop, or phone and laptop etc.)
  • Comfortable using Facebook & Microsoft Teams

When are Peer Support Sessions held?

Our three Peer Support Sessions run through closed Facebook Groups that are facilitated by Life’s Little Treasures Foundation:

Wednesdays: 10:45am – 1pm (AEST)
Fridays: 10:45am – 1pm (AEST)
Wednesdays DADS: 6.45pm – 9pm (AEST)

“I’m so grateful to Life’s Little Treasures Foundation for their support that I have decided to volunteer with the new dads/partners NICU Connections group. As fathers and partners, we have a unique experience. This group will give partners the chance to listen, share and help each other along the journey.”

AARON, online Peer Support Volunteer

Aaron was supported in his journey and now volunteers with our Dads group to help others.

You can be part of the change and make a lasting positive difference in the lives of others. Join our volunteer team today!

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