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It all started on the 2nd December 2006, my mum and I went to King Edward Memorial to find out my results from the laposcopy, they were thinking about putting me on hormones therapy tablets to help me get pregnant later on, but before they decided that just in case they decided to do a pregnancy test.

To my shock and my mums, the test came back positive and to make sure it was positive they did another one it also come back positive. I then went home and told my partner David of 2 years that he was going to be a father; he was shocked because I told him that I might not be able to conceive. However, he was happy.

At 7 weeks 3 gestations, I started bleeding big clots, my partner took me to Armadale/Kelmscott hospital, and they checked me to make sure I was still pregnant and sent me home the same night.

My GP got the results the next day and put it down as a miscarriage. Then Between 15-23 Weeks, I was once again bleeding clots, I showed my partner what was in the toilet then he rushed me to Armadale Kelmscott Hospital, they said it was normal in some pregnancy to bleed like that in some cases. They did a pregnancy test to make sure I was still pregnant, and scanned with a foetal monitor to listen to the baby heartbeat, but at this stage, it could be hard to hear, then it come positive I had not miscarriage; to my relief then instead of having me over night once again they sent me home.

Then on the 28th of April I needed to go to the toilet, as I went; I noticed I started bleeding once again. I told my sister that I am going to see my GP due to I have been bleeding again, she told me to go to the hospital and I said I am not going to Armadale Kelmscott, due to I felt they will send me home again. Dr Foo, my GP saw me straight away. He had a great fear on his face, told me that he wants me go to King Edward memorial Straight away and that I cannot drive, I wasn’t even supposed to drive home and even though we lived 3 houses away, my GP receptionist tried to ring family and friends and neighbours, I was lucky that they caught my partner David at home.

Once we started, I started getting very sharp pains in my stomached and I was starting to get scared. After reaching King Edward memorial hospital Emergency room, they sent me straight to foetal ward to check up on baby, waited 2 hours before a midwife to see me and ultrasound baby, they gave me a pencil line to cope with the pain, but when they ultrasound my baby, the Midwife was concerned as I had no amniotic fluid around baby but baby seemed happy and not stressed.

When I was 25 weeks and 3 gestation, they checked and found out that I was in labour, my partner at that time was almost walking out the front and I rang him to come back, they told him I was in premature labour, my Obstetrics Dr Cohen said he wasn’t expecting me in till August 2006 for a check-up, he also told me that this gestation that my baby has a 40-50 percent of survival rate.

I was in and out of it, thinking that this is not happening I am having a dream and I am going to wake up and be at home. I heard the nurse say my name and said to push. Then I heard a little mouse cry it was my baby girl. My Daughter Jameelee was born at 9.30pm on Friday the 28th April 2006; I got a quick hold of her, before going to nursery three, she only weighed 715 grams. My partner went down with her, I was not allowed up until the next day, as I had lost a lot of blood. But once I was eventually allowed to get up , my partner took me down to see her, I was so scared I didn’t want to touch her, I rang my mother Lynnette and told her, that her granddaughter was born, she didn’t believe me.

My mum and my sister Vicki came up from Bunbury and it had shocked them so much as Jameelee only weighed 715 grams, and length 33.5cm, she was the size of my palm. I did not want to touch her as I felt that I would hurt her. My mum said just to put my hand in and whatch Jameelee grab my finger tight. She was breathing on her on with CPAP, but she was starting to get weak and eventually went on the ventilator. Three days afterwards she needed a blood transfusion due to her hemangloban count being down, she picked up, and then 2 weeks afterwards she needed another blood transfusion.

On the 22nd May 2006, I was rung by one of the nurses who was looking after Jameelee and was told her hemangloban was low again and this was the third blood transfusion, her oxygen was put up once again. 23rd May 2006 it so hard going anywhere there are new parents with their newborn and children around the shops, while mine is still in hospital, but she is in good hands, I always say that she will be home soon.

I finally had the courage to hold her tiny hand. Jameelee weighs 860 grams, she will be seeing a specialist about her VSD which is still open, her deduct is closing. (I had a cry today and it made me feel a little better afterwards).

24th May 2006
Jameelee lost 5 grams today her deduct is still open at 1.8mm she is still getting medication that apparently helps to close it. I got my first Kangaroo cuddle.

26th May 2006
They tried Jameelee of the Ventilator she only lasted an hour she weighs 880 grams.

27th May 2006
Jameelee weighs 885 grams, she is again back on antibiotics for yet another infection, her hermangloban count today was good, they had found a slight murmur, they weren’t sure whether it is her deduct or small hole, she is breathing on her own with some help from the ventilator.

29th May 2006
They found out that Jameelee infection was a sort of pneumonia, they scanned her head today, it come back normal, she is putting on weight she now weighs 900 grams.

2nd June 2006
Jameelee has reached the kilo mark.

3rd June 2006
Jameelee weighs 1080 grams, they had been discussing when to try her off the ventilator, and her IV will be changed tomorrow.

4th June 2006
Jameelee has had the IVP changed, but it was put into her head vein, that is just horrible to see.

5th June 2006
Once again Jameelee has lost weight she weighs 1110, she still is on the ventilator, and having those horrible bradycardiac’s and destats. They also found that she has a lot of fluid around her lungs due to all her infections she has been battling, they are once again trying her on another type of antibiotics and I am praying that this one works and she is tolerating her feeds and sometimes her cares.

7th June 2006
Once again her hermangloban count was down again, which once again she needed another blood transfusion. At this time my breast milk was going low, as I have not been with my daughter 24/7 because I do not live in the country, it was getting hard to get milk for her, I started expressing every 3 hours instead of every 4 hours in the morning and expressing every 4 hours in the evening.

10th June 2006
Jameelee now weighs 1240 grams she is out of her incubator, due her temperature being too high and her tubing is too long to fit in the incubator, they are also thinking about trying her on the CPAP again and put her back in the incubator. Jameelee is 6 weeks and 2 days old her corrected age is 31 weeks. Her feeds went up to 6.5ml. She still has many secretions’ on her chest.

13 June 2006
They decided to put Jameelee on steroids so that her lungs can develop and to be able to take her off the ventilator, so that she can breathe without help

15 June 2006
Jameelee oxygen level has finally gone down to 40-45 %.

25 June 2006
Jameelee had her eyes checked today, she is in stage 2, zone two, which is most likely to have eye laser surgery later on.

7th August 2006
Jameelee weighs 2710 grams she is being tried of CPAP onto PBF; she had her first taste of having a bath today her age now 39 weeks 3 gestations. We got too hold her again.

8th August 2006
She is no longer on CPAP

9th August 2006
She is now on s-26 reflux formula, I decided to put you on formula due my milk supply was getting to low and my kidney is playing up.

10th August 2006
This is the day Jameelee was supposed to be born. She was shifted from nursery 2-3 to the high dependency Unit

22nd August 2006
weighs 2990 grams not doing to bad on PBF

11th September 2006
Jameelee went to see the Respiratory Medicine at Princess Margaret hospital for sleep studies to see why she keeps making herself go purple; her length today is 48 cm.

25th September 2006
My little Girl finally comes home from King Edward memorial she did not need eye surgery but will need to be check up every 3 months. However, came home on an apnoea machine.

1st October 2006
Jameelee was admitted into Princess Margaret; as she had caught Bronchiolitis,

8th October 2006
She was discharged from Princess Margaret; she did lose weight while she was in there. I decided not to let anyone visit for at least 3 weeks.

14th December 2006,
after your 4 months check up at King Edward, I was sent to Princess Margaret with her, she was admitted in to 5D Infants ward. That Saturday while I was out with my partner I got a disturbing call from Princess Margaret from the Doctor saying that her lungs had collapsed, they had to put her into a induce coma to help her breathe.

22nd December 2006
They found out that she had a dangerous form of Pneumonia that had affected both of her little lungs, as she has suffered Chronic Lung disease since she was born.

23rd December 2006
They did some blood tests and once again going her hermangloban count was down, she needed a blood transfusion. I was so scared that I was going to lose my buddle of joy. After being told at 15, I would not be able to have a baby due to a kidney problem.

25th December 2006
Jameelee still in a coma

She also got a visit from Santa that made our day, bringing in gifts for her, but Christmas should be about family and friends sharing the festive season together but we did not have my daughter home to share it with her. (Nevertheless, it was so nice that Princess Margret they try to make parents feel so good and that they wish every child to get well).

31st December 2006
Day 14 in Princess Margaret, she was eventually transferred from Intensive Care Unit where she was on heparin, vecrom (muscle relaxant and morphine to keep her sleep and nil sate to prevent thrush and two a lots of antibiotics then back to 5D infants Room 3 where she started from. She is back on fluids through kangaroo pumping milk through a gastric tube for her feeds it seems that I was going back to King Edward where she was first battling for her life. They told me they almost lost her. She was not being able to take the bottle for while. She had bath today after 15 Day,s the nurse also tried to get her to suckle on the bottle and the dummy but she was not interested in them at all.

Got to hold her and give her bottle, all she wanted was her mum to hold her, they also tried her in air, but her stats went down, they said the reason why she was so grumpy is because of all the medication she was on while she was in ICU, it is withdrawing from her system.

1st January 2007
Jameelee is looking much better and improving much more her little lungs has gone through so much, they said it will take a while for them to heal. Your Doctor Shultz you started smiling at him. Later today, they trailed her of PBF but she lasted 5 minutes.

2nd January 2007
Doctors are thinking that she will be coming home oxygen; Doctor Shultz had referred us to Respiratory doctor to see you today to see what will happen.

3rd January 2007
Jameelee come of PBF completely.

4th January 2007
She started doing really well, she got her 6 months immunisation done and maybe going home tomorrow also may be coming home on calories.

5th January 2007
She eventually was discharged.

22nd January 2007
Admitted to PMH again, she had a swollen right leg,

23rd January 2007
They found out that she had a deep vein thembosis she started heparin again for the leg clot.

24th January 2007
She went in for a sleep studies

25th January 2007
She had an ultrasound done on her right leg.

28th February 2007
Weight 6.012 kG
Length 59 Cm
Head Circumference 39.8 Cm
Found a rash, maybe enxsma allergic to washing powder. Found out that you will be on ENOXPARIN that she will be on it for another 3-6 months depends when the clot disappears.

21 March 2007
She went for another sleep studies overnight to see how things are going, she still needs to be on oxygen at night.

2nd June 2007
Jameelee finally come off oxygen altogether and came off her infant monitor Apnoea machine today, she weighs 7.25 kilograms and is growing on track.
However, because of the Christmas break, she is now in isolation until she is two and half years old, she will not be allowed into playgroups, childcare or near any children or people who have any sort of viral infection.

Jameelee now 12 months corrected. Actual age from birth 15 Months.
If it were not for King Edward and Princess Margaret my daughter would not be here today. I would like to personally say thank you for all their staff’s support though out my experience, if it wasn’t for them and family I don’t think I would’ve been able to survive this.

Jameelee now aged 5 years

Jameelee 3 years and 3 months old. What she has gone through, it is a miracle that she is here today with us; we still have the hiccups of her going to hospital now and again. I have since had another baby, a beautiful boy who was also prem but well.
I hope this story helps everyone.

Written By:
Kylee mum to Jameelee


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