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Premature Baby Apps – how they can help families

LLTF has developed these premature baby apps to provide added support for families

Premature Baby Journal
A world’s first for the Life’s Little Treasures Foundation. We have developed a world first App for families of premature and sick babies!

The premature baby app is designed to record information in imperial or metric measure, so that you can track your baby’s progress through hospital and beyond wherever you are. It is packed full of features making it easy to track your baby’s feeds, expressing times, weight gain as well as keeping a journal for all the milestones your baby achieves.

Supporting Mums to breastfeed – A unique feature of the Premature Journal App
Establishing breastfeeding for a mother of a premature/sick baby can be challenging. Limited contact, the stress of having a baby in hospital and extreme fatigue from traveling back and forth from hospital are just some of the many reasons why we hear Mums find establishing breastfeeding difficult.

Our app has been designed to make tracking and monitoring feeding easier. Mothers can input data at their babies’ bedside. Their babies’ progress is made available in easy to read charts and graphs which can be printed off to take to health professional appointments.

There are so many features of the Premature Baby Journal app that can help families through their hospital stay and beyond, here are just a few:

• Records baby’s birth details
• Keep journals for multiple babies
• Converts actual age into corrected age (weeks)
• Tracks weight, feeding, expressing and temperature in graphs
• Tracks milestones and allows you to upload photos
• Records number of feeds, time of feeds, amount of feeds and method of feed
• Records total feeds given to baby per day
• Records number of expresses and amount expressed by mother
• Set alarm for when next express is due
• Record your feelings of all family members in journal section
• Set reminder for questions to ask to match the doctor’s rounds in hospital






iPhone Mum Blog

The Premature Baby Journal is something unique, a baby tracking app and journal geared specifically towards preemies

App User

Absolutely love the app!! It has been a god send tracking progress and feeds with my 30 weeker. The only thing I would like to see is somewhere in the feeding section to put in which side breast you tried to feed from as I always forget ☺ But other than that an extremely helpful app

How families can download this app

The Premature Baby Journal app can be downloaded at

 • Download iPhone app

  Download Android app


Other LLTF App

NICU Words – This app provides easy explanations to the words, machinery and medical terms that you hear in NICU/SCN

Having a child that is born premature exposes you to the world of NICU (Neonatal Intensive Care Units) and SCN (Special Care Nurseries) where it can seem like people are speaking a foreign language.   NICU Words is a glossary designed to provide clear explanations of what medical terms, medical machinery and what medical roles are in NICU and SCN.NICU words App

Features of this app

  • Concise list of medical terms and medical machinery
  • Description of roles of medical personnel in NICU
  • Search function to help you search for words
  • Over 170 words and terms featured

Easy to use and a great tool for parents with a “little treasure” in hospital going through the NICU/SCN journey.

The NICU Words app is available for FREE download.