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NICU Words App by Lifes Little Treasures FoundationHaving a child that is born prematurely exposes you to the world of Neonatal Intensive Care Units (NICU) and Special Care Nurseries (SCU) where it can seem like people are speaking a foreign language. This essential smartphone app provides easy explanations of the words, machinery and medical terms for parents of premature or sick babies in a NICU/SCN.

NICU Words is a glossary designed to provide clear explanations of what medical terms, medical machinery and what medical roles are in NICU and SCN.

Features of the NICU Words app

  • Concise list of medical terms and medical machinery,
  • Description of roles of medical personnel in NICU,
  • Search function to help you find words,
  • Over 170 words and terms featured.

Easy to use and a great tool for parents with a “little treasure” in the hospital going through the NICU/SCN journey.

The NICU Words app is available for FREE download.

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 NICU Words App by Lifes Little Treasures Foundation

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Great for parents of babies in NICU! 

Highly recommended. Is really helping us to better understand all of the complicated, difficult medical terms used by nurses and doctors in the NICU. We are able to communicate with the NICU staff much better, which enables us to be more knowledgeable when meeting with and asking them questions. In turn, we have felt somewhat less helpless and more involved in our son’s care 🙂

– Review by mum Staceroney on iTunes (2012, version 1.0.0)