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Our “BIG CUDDLE” EOFY Campaign

“Support us in keeping families together during their babies most critical time”

This year we are raising funds for our Financial Assistance program.  It is our most oversubscribed and we can never keep up with demand!

Did you know that kangaroo cuddles are of huge benefit to a premature baby’s outcome? “Kangaroo cuddle” is a term well known to parents of premature or sick babies. Research has proven the success of these skin-to-skin cuddles which have excellent, and sometimes critical, benefits for both parents and their babies.

Sadly, not all parents are able to give their little ones all the cuddles they need. Often these bubs are in hospital for lengthy periods of time and frequent and long journeys to the hospital come at a cost not all families can afford. Our Financial Assistance Program was established to help these families but we can never meet demand.

Donate a “BIG CUDDLE” now to help make their journey possible.

“We had our identical twin boys at 23 weeks and 4 days gestation. The experience was beyond terrifying. We were in shock and our babies lives literally hung in the balance. Receiving support from the Life’s Little Treasures Foundation when our boys were just a few days old was the glimmer of hope we needed. It really meant the world at such a horrific time. We also knew we had someone to reach out to for help.”   Kate, new mum

 Imagine not being able to spend quality time with your newborn in those first few weeks of life. We want to make life easier for these families. This June we have a goal to provide 7,000 litres of fuel to families unable to meet the financial demands of having a vulnerable baby in hospital. To do so, we need to raise around $10,000! We’re calling it “The Big Cuddle” appeal and we need your help! ,

Donate a “BIG CUDDLE”  today and you can help make their journey possible!

● $28 donation (approx 20 litres of fuel)*
● $56 donation (approx 40 litres of fuel)*
● $84 donation (an average tank of fuel or 60 litres)*
(* Based on a fuel price of $1.40 per litre)

“LLTF fills a massive gap being able to respond quickly and efficiently with practical support, assisting the family with immediate needs. Our mothers can then try to establish breastfeeding, which leads to more positive mental health for mum and hopefully increased weight gain for baby. If they can’t get to the hospital, they don’t even get the chance to try.”  Social Worker

Thank you in advance for your time, consideration and support. Your donation will make a huge difference to families struggling to cope with the pressures of having a premature or sick baby.
Together we can make a difference!
Warmest Wishes

Shusannah Morris 
Co-Founder / Chief Executive Officer

P.S. After you have made your donation please share and let us know, use #TheBigCuddle and leave a picture of you cuddling your Little Treasure & message of support for the families we assist, on our Facebook or Instagram pages and we’ll pass them on.



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