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Our new website

It’s been a labour of love but we finally got there and were very thrilled to launch our new website this month. The site has a fresh new look, and is filled with lots of information and support for families of premature and sick babies.

Of course none of this would have been possible without the support of the Foundation’s longest standing Partner, Earlybirds “beautiful clothing for premature and small babies”.

Lynda Day, the owner of Earlybirds says:

“Earlybirds has been working with Life’s Little Treasures Foundation since they started in 2003. We’ve seen firsthand how helpful their support is, not only in the initial months but ongoing. Donating the website is our way of ensuring families have access to such vital connections and information, as well as saying thanks from our appreciative customers.”

We can’t thank her enough for all her passionate support of the prem community over the past 15 years, Lynda THANK YOU from us all at LLTF ❤❤

Please visit the site at:



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