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24 Weeks

We finally welcomed our baby home after 84 days

Jessica went into spontaneous labour, giving birth to her daughter at 27 weeks. This is her story: On the 2nd of June with no warning our baby girl decided she was ready to arrive, even though she was 13 weeks early at only 27 weeks gestation. After only 3 hours

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We were told one of our babies was not going to make it

Trigger Warning: The following story and pictures may be distressing for some people. This is Katrina’s story: In 2017, we were so excited to discover we would be welcoming a baby in April 2018. After our first ultrasound, we found out we were expecting twins. Our babies would be identical!

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Jessica and Evanna’s Story

Sometime in July, 19 weeks pregnant, I woke to my 2 year old at 6am knowing she just wanted a cuddle I picked her up and took her to back to my bed. I sat her down and all of a sudden I felt water gush out of me, I

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Father’s Day marked a significant day for me personally. It was a time of reflection and acknowledgement of where I am today surrounded by my twin toddlers (ex 24 weeks) each of whom provide me with so much joy in my life. Today was about celebration, it was about being

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My daughter was born at 24 weeks old, arriving unexpectedly 4 months ahead of schedule. She was born by emergency caesarean and weighed a tiny 319 grams. Elora spent the first seven months of her life in the Royal Womens Hospital (Melbourne) – the first 5 of these in a

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Angus and Jenna

After numerous IVF cycles we finally received the wonderful news that I was pregnant. I was suffering from fairly brutal morning sickness and a scan at six weeks confirmed the cause – I was carrying twins. Rob and I held our breath for the next six weeks and once we

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