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28 Weeks

Nina’s Story

Hi, my name is Keira and our little treasure Nina was born 3 months early and spent 68 days in the neonatal ward at The Mercy hospital in Melbourne. She was on CPAP, high flow, low flow and finally spent a very long time fattening up (in the “Fat Farm”!)

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It was November 23rd 1981, when my mum and brother were enjoying a Kinder Christmas Party, that I decided it was time to enter the big wide world……at 28 weeks gestation! After mum experienced the unmistakable feeling of her waters breaking, it was time to pay her GP a visit.

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Chris Ray and Lachlan

My husband and I had always expected that we would need medical intervention to achieve a pregnancy. So it was with overwhelming joy that Lachlan was conceived without any issues. It was from this point, however, that our real journey of difficulty began, not where we had anticipated it. The

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