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32 Weeks

My baby and I were both slowly dying

When Nicole started to feel very unwell, she was initially dismissed as having anxiety. But the reality was far more dangerous. This is Nicole’s story: When I found out I was pregnant at 6 weeks, it was a beautiful surprise. Initially, I was overwhelmed with excitement until I realised I

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I didn’t make it to the hospital in time

Matthew was born in the middle of a world-wide pandemic, in the back of an ambulance on the side of the road at 33 weeks. This is Kristal’s story: My labour was very spontaneous. When my waters started to leak in the early hours of the morning, my partner got our 2 year

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I was told my baby would not survive

When my waters broke at 18 weeks, despite not being in labour, I was told I should terminate my baby. This is Salley’s story: I went for a gender scan at 18+2 weeks only to be told my baby couldn’t be seen due to a lack of fluid around him

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Despite best efforts, my twin girls had their own plans

After the initial shock of seeing two little ‘sprouts’ in our first scan at only 6 weeks, we had a wonderful pregnancy journey as first-time parents, until their surprise appearance at 32 weeks This is Samantha’s story: At 31 weeks pregnant, we were told that we were in labour and

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Tips for NICU Dads

Tips for NICU Dads from three new fathers who have been there. Dad Aaron of 26 week twins, Sean and Patrick, now home Being a NICU dad is your challenge. You can be the support that your partner needs but you may need support also. Family, friends, hospital staff and

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Ee Lynn Cheah

Something positive to share! My baby Grace was born at 32 weeks at 1.8kg last Thursday. She is able to breathe on her own and just needs to be inside the incubator to grow bigger. This is the best part, I am born with half a heart and hence was

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Michelle Keeffe-Mcguinness

Our little man Hilton spent 6 weeks in the NICU surrounded by some of the most amazing and supportive people I have ever met. Hilton was born at 32 weeks and is now a healthy and strong 3 month old baby. It was an experience I would never want to

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Kai transferred from Operating Theatre to Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) Birth Weight Percentile- Below the 3 percentile

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