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LLTF Web - Dad holding premThe love and care you can provide as a Dad can make a huge difference to your baby’s health and development. The birth of a premature or sick baby can be a challenging time for everyone involved. Being a Dad in a neonatal unit is a tough job and one that sometimes can feel unrecognised.  You may be experiencing a whole range of emotions such as anger, sadness, grief and guilt, but rest assured you are not alone in these feelings. Having a baby in a hospital is probably not how you imagined becoming a dad.


Below are some resources to help with these concerns and if you feel like speaking to a fellow parent who has been through this journey Dads can also contact our

24 hr Parent Support Line – 1300 697 736


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Tips for Dad

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Read personal stories from Dads of babies born premature or sick.

Click the links below for further tips and practical information including

Always remember you are a valuable member of the team

Other useful links and resources for Dads on the web

  • Becoming a Father: 24-Hour Cotside Assistance – The Baby Manual
    This booklet has been designed to provide misinformation to new fathers about their newborn baby and his/her needs. Developed by Centacare and available through MENGAGE.
  • SMS4dads – A project to keep in touch with dads before and after the birth through their mobile phones. The idea is to send text messages with tips, information and links to other services for new dads. The tips in the texts will help a dad connect with his baby but they will also help him be a support for his partner, the mum.
  • Pillars of Strength
    Providing Timeout & Support to Dads so they can support their families
  • Dadvice
    Resource from Beyond Blue that follows a group of new dads on their journey into fatherhood for a four-part web series, Dadvice.
  • Mensline
    24/7 phone counselling
  • How is Dad going?
    PANDA’s website about dads whose lives have been affected by perinatal depression and anxiety.
  • Man Therapy – a website by Beyond Blue
    Male-focused depression and anxiety resource
  • Beyond Blue
    Help with Anxiety and Depression
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