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Preterm Infant Nutrition – A partnership between parents & clinicians to identify & prioritise research uncertainties

Can you think of any questions about feeding and nutrition in preterm babies that you’d like answered?

Do you think that answering those questions through research will help to improve the lives of babies born prematurely?

This is your chance for your views to be heard.


In this Australian first, we are conducting a study where parents of preterm babies and health professionals are working together to identify their most important questions for research about feeding and nutrition in preterm babies in their first year of life.

We are seeking your suggestions on anything relating to feeding preterm infants – what to feed, how to feed, when to feed, intravenous feeds, oral feeds, breast feeds, breast milk expression, bottle feeds, when to start feeds etc. – absolutely anything to do with feeding and nutrition in the preterm infants’ first year of life.

If you would like to be involved, please click on the link above for more information and to complete the survey.

Your views deserve to be heard so thank you on behalf of the steering group!

Who can participate? Anyone who lives or works in South Australia only and has had a baby born prematurely or is a clinician who cares for preterm babies in their first year of life.

Jordan Peters (honours student), Carmel Collins (Research Fellow, Neonatal Nurse),
Dominic Wilkinson (Neonatologist), Julie Bernardo (Neonatal Nurse Practitioner),
Annabel Crompton (Dietitian), Jenny Gillis (Midwife),
Jo Slade (Parent of preterm infant), Maya Thomas (Paediatrician)

  • Please read the following information sheet before completing the survey

Preterm Infant Nutrition – Information sheet_V3_25June13_approved



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