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The 1000 Hearts Project

Calling All Crafters

Michelle over at NICU FOOD FROM THE HEART needs your crafty fingers for a new initiative – she needs a 1000 small hearts sewn and donated.

She really wants to include these hearts into each gift she donates to families…and to start with, her goal is a 1000 hearts ???? ???? ????

No matter where you are in the world, you can help.


There is 3 options for you to get the heart packs

  1. A pre-sewn ‘pocket heart’ can be purchased through ETSY for $2.
    You need to comment that it is for NICU Food From the Heart or the Life’s Little Treasures Foundation.
  2. A Heart Starter pack can be purchased through ETSY. This makes 25 hearts you hand make yourself.
  3. If you email Sarah from Etsy through her Facebook page she will happily email through the pattern for people to make their own.  If you are using your own pattern, please use woollen felt, not acrylic.


A Video on how to sew hearts, can be seen below


Postal Address

Email or call Michelle to organise.  Contact details can be found on Michelle’s facebook page



Stitch a heart for a NICU mum

If you are free on Thursday August 23rd, 10am, Cafe Geo · Sydney, Australia

Please join Michelle for a cuppa and to stitch hearts together for the NICU Mums.

You can find more event details here.

❤ The space will comfortably fit 12 people    ❤ Wadding to fill the hearts is being provided by Joyce



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