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Two new Ambassadors join the Foundation

The Life’s Little Treasures Foundation is absolutely thrilled to welcome on board to two very old friends, Anastasia Salamastrakis and Matt Tilley. Both have worked with the Foundation on various events and issues over the years, so it is now very exciting to have them be part of the Foundation and work with us in raising awareness of premature births.


Anastasia has been a journalist for 20 years and is currently a health and medical reporter for Channel Seven in Melbourne. In January 2010, she experienced her own medical drama. She gave birth to her second son Samuel at 33 weeks after developing a rare and potentially fatal condition called Acute Fatty Liver of Pregnancy.

“Having a premature baby is daunting and emotional. LLTF provides vital support, understanding and information.

I am honoured to be involved with such a wonderful organisation”.

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Matt is an exceptional radio talent, with over 20 years on air. The Matt and Jo Show  which continues to be the leading FM radio Breakfast show in Melbourne. Over the years he has raised tens of thousands for charitable causes.  Both his boys Jack and Oscar were born premature, so Matt has a true understanding of the rollercoaster ride families are faced with and is passionate about raising awareness of premature births.

“The support from community to the families of premature babies  is immeasurable & different for every family. Obviously medical support comes first, but time and time again you realise that part of the welfare of any child is derived from the welfare of the parents”

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