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Life’s Little Treasures Foundation (LLTF) is one of Australia’s leading charities dedicated to providing practical support, information and assistance to families of babies born prematurely or sick.

Founded in 2005 by parents who had experienced this first-hand, LLTF truly understands the challenges these families face.

LLTF’s vision is to ensure that all families enduring the difficult and life-changing experience of having a premature/sick baby have easy access to critical information and community support.

LLTF services are available in the hospital (neonatal and special care units) and in the community when families come home.
From the donations we receive, we are able to help hundreds of families and their babies.

Our Products, Programs and Services include;

• Easily accessible and relevant information.
• Programs offering practical and emotional support, such as NICU Connections
• Pathways for parents to address mental health issues that have emerged due to the stressful circumstances of their child’s birth.
• Continued assistance to ease the transition from hospital to home.
• A resolve to increase community awareness of the unique issues faced by our families and to reduce the stigma around perinatal mental health.
• Education opportunities to healthcare providers who support families of premature/sick babies.
• Precious Prem Packs for families containing some beautiful items for their premature babies
• Free parents’ information guidebook
• Free hospital tip sheets
• Free webinars
• Emergency financial support
• Support line 1300 MYPREMMIE
• Family social activities such as Walk for Prems in October

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