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We know that this is a worrying time for you and your family.  You probably never imagined that this could happen to you. As parents of premature babies, we understand the rollercoaster ride that you must be experiencing. Whether you are pregnant, have just had a premature baby, or are the family or friends of an NICU or SCN baby our range of articles on prematurity information will help you understand more about pre-term birth and the implications.

Life’s Little Treasures Foundation is Australia’s foremost charity providing support, understanding and information to families of children born prematurely or sick. Our services are available in the hospital (neonatal and special care units) and in the community when families come home.

Pre-term labour

When your baby is in hospital

Bonding with your baby



Health and safety for your baby

Looking after yourself

Bereavement Resources

Siblings,  Grandparents and Friends

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