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Dear Parent,

NICU and Special Care Premature BabyYou are probably still wondering what has just happened, as you find yourself in a whole new world, a world of beeps and flashing lights. You and your baby may not have gotten your full 9 months, the birth plan went out the window, the celebrations of birth missing and you must now experience the rollercoaster ride of ups and downs, setbacks and triumphs, which very well could be one of the greatest life challenges you ever face.

Parents of NICU/SCN babies often feel a sense of loss, guilt, regret and distress about how their baby came into the world. Many deliveries resulting in NICU/SCN admission are traumatic ones, and not how we planned or imagined having our baby to be. These are all normal feelings. It can help to talk or write about your experience, talk to parents who have been through similar experiences, talk to a qualified counselor/social worker or psychologist, bond with your baby, celebrate milestones in the NICU/SCN, take lots of photos, and focus on the positives.

To help you navigate your way around the NICU & Special Care we have put together a few areas which we hope will explain to you the world you now find yourself in.

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