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Life’s Little Treasures Foundation
The Life’s Little Treasures Foundation currently produces three booklets for parents

  • A guiding hand for families in NICU and Special Care
  • Quick Way Round – Guide to community Resources for parents once home with baby
  • Parent Information Guide – Detailed guide on what to expect with your premmie baby

Ph: 1300 mypremmie – 1300 697 736

UK based charity for families of premature babies produces leaflets, booklets and factsheets that are available in print or to download, explaining a wide range of issues that affect premature and sick babies.

March of Dimes
US based charity for families of premature babies stock a book called “Preemies: The Essential Guide for Parents of Premature Babies” – Linden, Paroli and Doron (2000) Pocket Books, NY.

It describes the physical characteristics of a premature baby at various gestational ages

The Preemie Parent’s Survival Guide to the NICU
Nicole Conn, Deb Discenza & with medical editor Alan R. Spitzer, M.D.
Parents of prem children – A wonderfully written guide on how to maintain your sanity & create a new normal in the NICU

Handle with Care – Precious pregnancies, inspiring journeys
Evelyn Tsitsas and Caroline Van De Polm (2008) Precious Families
Tells the stories of the journey through a high-risk pregnancy. The emotional, spiritual and psychological side of the journey as well as the physical.
Email: [email protected]

Parenting Your Premature Baby and Child: The Emotional Journey
Deborah L. Davis and Mara Tesler Stein (2004) Fulcrum Publishing.

Premature Babies – A guide for parents
Dr W H Kitchen, Dr M M Ryan, Dr A L Rickards and Dr L W Doyle (1998) Second Edition. The Australian Print Group, Maryborough, Victoria

By Nicole E Zimmerman and Edward J Sprague
Nicole and Edward’s experiences in NICU with their extremely premature twins.

The Premature Baby Book
William Sears M.D., Robert Sears M.D., James Sears M.D. and Martha Sears R.N.
Everything you need to know about your premature baby from birth to age one
Little, Brown & Co
Hachette Book Group, USA

Your Premature baby & Child
Helpful Answers and Advice for Parents
Amy E Tracey & Dianne I. Marooney R.N.

Kangaroo Babies
A different Way of Mothering
Natalie Charpak
Souvenir Press London

Premmie Press
A quarterly magazine written to give parents knowledge about prematurity issues. For subscription details
Ph: (03) 9496 4496 or email [email protected]

The Brestfeeding Mother’s Guide to making more milk 
Diana West and Lisa Marasco, (2008) McGraw Hill
Guide designed to help new mothers who are experiencing difficulties in supplying sufficient nutrition to their babies through breastfeeding.

The Silent Cries of a HELLP Syndrome Baby
John and Rebecca Knox (2000) CallieBeth Publishing Co
Your premature baby and child – Helpful answers and advice for parents
Amy Tracy and Dianne Maroney (1999) Berkley Publishing Group
Covers areas such as: bringing your baby home, medical issues, nutrition, early development, the toddler years, starting school and more.

Miracle Beginnings 
Raquel Bosustow
Mother to two premature babies, Raquel has written this book to offer hope, comfort and support to all mothers who have given birth to a premature baby. In writing Miracle Beginnings, Raquel hopes that no other mother need face a premature birth alone. This book can be her guide, support and inspiration.

A Mother’s Love for her Miracle Twins
By Narelle Wyrsch
Narelle has a facebook page with a shop set-up so people can order through there or message her –
There is also a dedicated Gmail account for orders and communication for the book. Narelle can be reached at [email protected].

Breastfeeding Special Care Babies
Sandra Lang
A comprehensive & practical guide to all aspects of breastfeeding babies with special care needs. Particular attention is paid to feeding the vulnerable baby and to alternative methods of feeding

Feeding & Nutrition in the Preterm Infant
Elizabeth Jones & Caroline King
Addresses the issues & provides evidence based guidelines on neonatal feeding & milk expression

Primary Care of the Premature Infant
Dara Brodsky and Mary Ann Ouellette
A comprehensive reference that covers both the pathophysiology and evaluation of problems occuring in premature babies in the Neonatal Intensive Care unit & the management of these problems once the infant has been discharged from the NICU to the community.

Mitchell’s Gift
Kristy Cameron
Mitchell’s Gift walks you through the experience of having a premature baby in the neonatal intensive care unit.  Written from a parent’s point of view, the book familiarizes a person with the NICU and gives tips on how to balance life inside the hospital with life outside the hospital.

Health and Medical

Early Childhood Intervention Directory 
When you contact your local Early Childhood Intervention intake department ask if they have an early learning services directory or any other resources about services for children with a development delay and / or disability. If you are unsure of your region please call 1800 783 783 (and ask for Specialist Children’s Services) to locate your local office number. Don’t be put off by the word disability in these books, it can be anything,

Paediatric Handbook (8th Edition)
Provides a comprehensive practical guide to the management of health problems in infants, children and adolescents. It can be purchased from the Resource Centre for Child Health and Safety (CHAS) at the Royal Children’s Hospital, Melbourne

There is no such this as a silly question
A practical guide for families living with a child with chronic illness, disability, mental illness or a life-threatening condition. Produced by interACT (2007). Copy can be requested by email: [email protected]

Through the Maze 
Resource booklet with information about services for families of children with a disability in all regions of Victoria. Available free of charge by mail and is published by the Association of Children with Disabilities.

Ph: (03) 9500 1232. It can also be downloaded from their web site:

Other great publications
produced by the” Association of Children with Disabilities” can be accessed online at the web site:

General parenting

Australian Competition and Consumer Commission Guides
They produce a number of safety guides for parents, which cover areas such as: Guide to nursery furniture, Keeping baby safe DVD, Baby dummies, Baby bath aids and Baby walkers

Infocentre: 1300 302 502

The CHOICE Guide to Baby Products (12th Edition)
Australian Consumers’ Association (2007)
The result of extensive research and testing by CHOICE experts. Find reliable advice on: cots, highchairs, jogger strollers, four-wheel strollers, twin strollers, disposable nappies, child car restraints as well as general information on bath time, bedtime and changing accessories, feeding, toys, playpens, walkers and useful ‘What to look for’ checklists. Plus there’s information about safety around the home, and advice on other issues confronting new parents, such as childcare, immunisation, SIDS and postnatal depression.

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