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“Guiding Parents” Webinar Series

The Life’s Little Treasures Foundation (LLTF) & Murdoch Children’s Research Institute have partnered to bring you an Australian first webinar series designed to provide parents of premature and sick babies access to the latest information and resources for their child’s development.

Both organisations passionately believe that providing information & education to parents is key to providing the best outcomes for their children & most importantly empowers families. These webinars are a FREE one hour interactive presentation on topics such as:

  • Early Intervention
  • Developmental Delays
  • Speech
  • Feeding
  • School Readiness
  • Brain Training

If you are a Professional, you can download a copy of the webinar poster here, to let your families know about them and their importance.


Prematurity Roadmap: Preterm birth and ADHD

The Centre of Research Excellence in Newborn Medicine in partnership with Life’s Little Treasures Foundation ran a live question and answer session on the Murdoch Children’s Research Institute (MCRI) Facebook page to shed light on the link between preterm birth and ADHD.

Experts including Professor Peter Anderson, Dr Anthea Rhodes and Associate Professor Emma Sciberras discussed how attention skills develop across childhood, what ADHD is (and isn’t), what we know about the links between preterm birth and ADHD and how we can support kids and their families.

Prematurity Roadmap: Preterm birth and the autism spectrum

Presenter: Professor Anderson

Looking after little lungs

Lung health of preterm infants in hospital & once they come home (video starts at 1 min mark)

Presenter: Dr Brett Manley & Professor Lex Doyle

Brain Training and how will it help my child

Presenter: Professor Anderson

Kindly Funded by the ANZ Staff Foundation

Facing children’s behavioural and emotional challenges

Presenter: Dr Alex Ure M.Psych (clinical) PhD

Kindly Funded by the ANZ Staff Foundation

Early Intervention for infants born preterm

Presenter: Dr Alicia Spittle

School Readiness

Presenter: Prof Gehan Roberts

Who’s Looking after mum & Dad ?

Presenter: Dr Carmen Pace

Supporting Oral Feeding In Pre-term and Sick Infants

Presenter: Katherine Ong

Strategies to Assist Sick and Preterm Infants in the Transition to Solid Foods and Cup Drinking

Presenter: Katherine Ong

What participants are saying

“Great presentation. Thanks for your time and sharing your experiences.”

“Excellent presentation.”

“Love webinars. Great way to learn / interact with others in this field / to learn latest best practice.”

“Thank you for this opportunity. It was very informative!”

“It’s so great that Life’s Little Treasures provide these webinars – thank you!”

“These webinars are so helpful! Thank you”

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