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Hospital support

The Life’s Little Treasures Foundation also provides support to families that are currently going through the journey of prematurity within the hospitals.

We do this by providing:

Parent Hospital Resource Folder “ A Guiding Hand for Families in NICU and Special Care”

The Life’s Little Treasures Foundation Hospital Resource Folder is a vital resource for any family currently going through Neonatal Intensive Care Units and Special Care nurseries. It has been developed through a collaboration with parents who have been through this experience together with leading health professionals. This resource guide is comprehensive, containing critical information that is designed to assist families in the first steps of their journey. It covers areas families can expect to experience during their journey through hospital.

Having been through this journey ourselves we know how difficult it can be to navigate your way through and we hope this will assist families and make this part of their journey easier by giving them a guided hand.

The Foundation believes that education and information for parents is crucial to get the best outcomes for premature and sick babies; it empowers families and enables them to become their child’s advocate. Once they are home with baby, the Foundation has many more resources they can access to assist them with the next step.

What’s covered:

  • Services provided by the Life’s Little Treasures Foundation
  • Neonatal care explained
  • Surviving NICU and Special Care
  • Practical tips and information
  • Kangaroo Care
  • For dads
  • Coping strategies
  • Bereavement
  • Listing of community services and resources.

This folder is currently supplied free of charge to hospitals around Australia for each family.  If you or the hospital you work with would like further information then please contact us on 1300 mypremmie or [email protected].

LLTF Web Site

We have an area on the web site specifically written for families currently in hospitals called the “Survival Guide to NICU & Special Care” – this area contains information that many families experiencing hospital with a prem baby are searching for. This is a whole new world for them and the need for information is great.

Survival Guide to NICU & Special Care

Support Groups

The Life’s Little Treasures Foundation also provides support to families that are currently going through the journey of prematurity within the hospitals we currently run two support groups with the assistance of social workers in the following hospitals. These support groups are only open to families that currently have a child in NICU/SCN.

Royal Women’s Hospital, Melbourne

Treasure Time Support Group

  • Date: First Monday of every month  (except during school holidays/Public Holidays)
  • Time: 1-2pm
  • Venue: 4th floor (NICU) – Parents Retreat Room
  • Coordinators: Meaghan & Alex
  • Phone: 1300 697 736 (head office phone line)

Evening support group for Dads at the Royal Women’s Hospital, Melbourne

  • The hospital it’s self currently offers two sessions each month, in the evenings, for dads whose babies are in the Newborn Intensive and Special Care unit at the RWH.
  • They are held on the 2nd and 4th Wednesdays of the month   (allowing for facilitator availability).
  • This is a chance for dads to meet other dads, talk about their experience, and provide feedback to the hospital about ways in which they can support dads.
  • There is also a closed Facebook group that has been set up to provide a social-networking platform for these dads.  The page is a closed group, to find out more about it, please ask the group facilitator.


This provides a great opportunity for parents with babies currently in NICU/SCU to meet parents who have been through this experience before. These morning teas are only available to parents who currently have babies in NICU or SCN at the hospital. If you would like further information then please either contact the Social Workers Nina and Renee at the hospital or LLTF on 1300 mypremmie or [email protected].

Community support

If you are a maternal and child health nurse or a community worker and have clients that have had a premature baby please request one of our professional packs to gain further information on the Life’s Little Treasures Foundation

There are many ways in which we can assist you in helping your prem families. We have all been through the prem roller coaster journey and so can truly appreciate & identify with the journey your family now finds itself on. We hope we can take away the added layer of uncertainly from families as they bring a baby home from hospital, by being there to provide them with support, friendship and information.

We can do this through our:

  • A Parent support network – which matches families with similar experiences together for support
  • Informative website, full of resources
  • Webinars covering child (for both families & professionals) development hosted in conjunction with the Murdoch Children’s Research Institute (MCRI)
  • Quarterly newsletter and website to provide parents with updated and relevant information on premature baby issues
  • Parent Information guide and parent packs providing relevant tips and information specific to families
  • Support Groups in various locations throughout Melbourne
  • Providing social occasions which allow families to meet others who have been through a similar journey in a more relaxed and fun environment

If you are interested in knowing more about any of the above please call 1300 mypremmie to discuss further.

If you are a professional within the healthcare area and would like to know more about how the Life’s Little Treasures Foundation can work/help you and your clients please request an LLTF Professionals Pack.

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