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Knitting, Sewing and Crafting Patterns

We get so many requests for knitting, sewing, crochet, quilting patterns from the amazing volunteers we meet, we decided to make our own patterns.

“I love knitting and I love volunteering for Life’s Little Treasures, so I’m very thrilled to be able to combine my two loves and make this Teddy pattern.  I hope everyone who uses it enjoys making it”

Knitting and Sewing Q and A

Thanks for your interest in our knitting and sewing activities. We are small team achieving big things and without the generous support of the community we couldn’t continue deliver our support services to families in need.

Your donations will be going to our smallest and most vulnerable babies and so we must ensure our donations are in keeping with hospital guidelines. We have put together some answers to our most common questions. Should require any further information please contact our volunteer Knitting and Sewing Coordinator at [email protected].

Do you accept donations other than the items listed on your website?

We have worked closely with hospitals to ensure our patterns meet hospital safety and infection control guidelines. For this reason, we can only accept items listed on our website.

What type of material should use?

These donations are going to our smallest and most vulnerable babies. All materials must be new, clean of pet hair and are free of extra embellishments such as ribbons and buttons (unless specified in the pattern) . Please use 8 ply acrylic or wool yarn and all materials used are soft and free of frays or fluff.

Can I change the size of blanket, cardigan, etc?

The sizes have been developed to consider a range of requirements:


  • Packing and shipping requirements
  • Hospital guidelines
  • Our most requested items by families
  • Health and safety guidelines.
  • And to ensure all families are receiving the same quality and sized gift.


For this reason we would prefer donations are kept to the sizes indicated in the patterns.

Can I add buttons, or extra embellishments to my donations?

No, unless the pattern specifies otherwise they can be a safety risk to small babies

Where can I send my donations?

Not all hospitals accept donated items. Health and safety requirements can change based on the level of care the hospital offers and individual management. All orders for families and hospitals are packed at HQ and sent directly to families and hospitals. To ensure we direct your donations to where they are most needed please send your donations to:


Life’s Little Treasures Foundation
1/21 Eugene Terrace
Ringwood, VIC 3134

Can I drop my donations in?

You sure can. Our office is open Monday to Friday 10 am to 2pm. It’s always best to call first and let us know you are coming. Our number is 1300 697 736.

Do all NICU/SCN accept donations?

No, hospitals vary depending on the level of care they provide and hospital management.

What sized knitting needles should I use?

Knitting needles are specified in the individual patterns. Most patterns use 4mm needles.

Will I be recognised for my donation?

Thank you so much for your donated items. Whilst we would love to thank each and everyone individually, we do not have capacity to do so as I’m sure you’ll appreciate that all our time is taken up in getting as much support out to families as possible. Please know, however that we are incredibly delighted to receive all your knitted, crocheted & sewed goods that we know are made with so much care and love. On occasion, we do put up social media posts with goods we receive so keep a look out as your name may be mentioned! The families who receive such wonderfully made/knitted/crocheted items are externally grateful and it really does help them through their journey knowing that someone is out there thinking of them.

Can I join a mailing list to be updated on knitting and sewing projects?

Please include your full name, address, phone and email with all donations and we will add you to our mailing list.

Can I contact someone to ask questions regarding knitting or sewing projects?

Please email our volunteer Knitting and Sewing Coordinator at [email protected] or call 0434 700 409 during Monday to Friday 9.30 -3pm.

Knitting Patterns

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