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What is Matched Giving?

Many organisations have a Matched Giving Program where they will match dollar for dollar the amount you and your team fundraise. Involve your workplace.  Even if there is currently no such program in place, your employer could be more than willing to make a donation and assist their employees as they support a good cause.

How to get started

  • It is always best to approach your direct boss first, to discuss your plans for fundraising and how you would like the company to support you.
  • Where possible this should be done face to face, if it isn’t then a phone call is the next step.
  • Tell them all about your fundraising plans, why you are doing it, the cause it supports and how the dollar donations raised will be used by LLTF (see below for more details).
  • Who is best to approach in your company after you have spoken to your boss?.  It is probably best to approach your company’s HR department with a Matched Giving request.  If your company has this program in place, then they will be able to give you all the documentation you require to make it happen.
  • If you need further assistance contact us on 1300 697 736.

What you need to supply your organisation

  • Download a copy of the Corporate Match Giving request letter HERE and give it to either your boss or the HR dept.  The letter will provide them with the details they require.
  • It is ok if your organisation cannot match the entire amount you have raised.  Any donation they make,  is of wonderful support to the Foundation and will still be added to your tally.
  • If your company agrees to support you, send them a link to your fundraising page
  • If required we can also send your organisation information detailing our charity status and your authorisation to fundraise for us.

How your organisation’s support will be acknowledged

  • Let your organisation know we are always very happy to acknowledge publicly their donation and participation in the Matched Giving Program.
  • We will send them a certificate of appreciation
  • This is also a great opportunity for your organisation to inform their communities know how they have supported you.

How your donation helps


Fundraising Authorisation

Before you start, all fundraising activities need to be approved and authorised by Life’s Little Treasures Foundation, whether you are fundraising as an individual, a group or a company. Please contact LLTF to talk through the details of your event and request an “Authorisation to Fundraise” letter.

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