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Downloadable ‘Protect Me’ Cards for use at Hospital and Home

As parents of a baby in NICU or Special Care, we understand how limited and precious your time is with your baby. You are your baby’s best advocate and there are times when you may wish to communicate your feelings to others around you — this is especially true during the winter months, or when there is a risk of exposure to infection.

In order to help you, we have designed three downloadable ‘Protect Me’ cards to use in hospital in your baby’s isolette or cot, to help remind people to be careful around your baby and to respect your wishes in keep your baby safe by limiting exposure to outside germs.

We also understand that going home with your baby can also be a worrying time to monitor your baby’s exposure to others, so these cards can also be used when you get home as well and in your baby’s pram, in their nursery or on the front door.

Please download your free cards below. We hope you find them useful.

My baby can’t afford to catch a cold

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My Baby can't afford to catch a cold

Please don’t open the isolette door

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Please Don't open the isolette door

Wash your hands before you touch mine!

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Plwase wash your hands before you touch mine!
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