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Little Bag of Calm

Our Little Bag of Calm is the perfect gift for any parent who has a baby in the neonatal unit. With tips, tools and activities all aimed at encouraging parents to take a moment for Self Care.

It’s been lovingly designed by parents who have been through the experience of having a premature or sick baby and understand the emotional impact that having a baby in hospital can have.

The story behind our Little Bag of Calm 

Parents of babies in the Neonatal Unit often express feelings of worry, exhaustion and anxiety. Many are being pulled between the desire to spend as much time by their babies cotside while balancing the ongoing demands of work, other children, home duties and their relationship with their partner.

So how do parents take time to recharge while managing the stressful demands of caring for a baby in hospital?
As parents of babies who have spent time in a neonatal unit ourselves we know how difficult it can be to take time to recharge, to take moments for Self Care and how important it is not only for parents but for the whole family. That’s why we have developed our “Little Bag of Calm”. This little bag is full of tips, tools and activities for parent to take a moment for Self Care.

What is Self Care?

Self Care is giving yourself time to recharge and rebuild your own health and wellbeing. Self Care doesn’t have to be time intensive and can be as simple as a few minutes daily of breathing exercises, listening to music or watching the clouds pass by. Introducing acts of Self Care daily can make a huge difference to parents’ long term mental health and wellbeing.

Self Care activities for parents with babies in the Neonatal Unit:

  • Journal writing
  • Listen to a podcast
  • Listen to music
  • Listen to a relaxation or mindfulness phone app
  • Mindfulness breathing exercises
  • Mindfulness colouring in activities
  • Invite a friend or family member to have a cuppa with you in the hospital coffee shop
  • Leave the hospital and have a shower, massage or haircut
  • Go to a yoga or relaxation class
  • Go for a walk

What’s inside

  • Introduction Card – A postcard educating parents on the importance of self-care
  • Little Moments Milestone Cards – A set of 30 gorgeous milestone cards to help parents celebrate their babies’ milestones
  • Little Box of Calm – A set of 32 affirmations and mindfulness statements
  • Art therapy colouring in activity
  • A set of colouring pencils
  • Pocket Heart – A handmade heart made from a caring member of our community to remind parents that they are not alone on their journey
  • Prem Baby Journal – A handbag size baby journal providing parents with the opportunity to record all their babies progress
  • Tea bag post card – A post card with tea bag attached as a reminder to take a moment for self-care



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