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My Colourful Journey

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Having an unwell baby in a Neonatal Unit affects all members of the family, including well brothers and sisters. Siblings are often having to adjust to changes in routine, parental behaviours, caregiving arrangements, and family relationships. These changes, along with limited understanding and information about the reason for their baby brother or sister being in hospital can create feelings of confusion, loneliness, jealousy, and sadness, as well as physical symptoms and behavioural changes.

Siblings on arrival to a Neonatal Unit are often overwhelmed by the number of adults present, the machinery and tests, the sounds, smells, appearance and sometimes the unexpected way their sibling looks.

Health Professionals can order HERE

My Colourful Journey colouring in book gently educates siblings of babies in a Neonatal Unit about what they might see, hear and feel in a Neonatal Unit. Normalising their reactions and reducing the emotional impact of having a sibling in hospital can have. It provides a space for siblings and parents to explore hospitalisation through a creative medium and reinforces the important role of siblings.

We are thrilled to partner with NIDCAP Australasia to be able to provide this resource free of charge to families in hospitals Australia wide. 

Health Professionals can order HERE 
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Health Professionals can order HERE



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