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Partnerships come in all shapes and sizes, at LLT we are honoured to be partnered with some wonderful health and research organisations.

Murdoch Children’s Research Institute

Murdoch Children’s undertakes research into infant, child and adolescent health.  As the largest child health research institute in Australia, our 1500 researchers are working hard to translate the knowledge we create from our research into effective prevention, early intervention and treatments for children.  We strive for a healthier community, fewer sick kids visiting hospitals, and the best possible care for children who unfortunately become ill.

Our research studies the health of communities, to understand the factors that affect child health and its management at the population level. Part of what we do examines the complex interplay of social, environmental, and biological factors that influence child health. We look at important health problems in children such as allergies, common infections and immune conditions both locally and globally.

Working alongside doctors and nurses, our researchers focuses on the clinical care of sick or hurt kids when they come to hospital, particularly when they have serious, acute or chronic illness. We also consider the mental and psychological wellbeing of those who undergo clinical care.

Cochrane Australia

Cochrane is a UK based not-for-profit organization that publishes systematic reviews on interventions to prevent or treat health problems in a wide variety of health areas.  


The Australasian Satellite Cochrane Neonatal Review Group receives funding from the National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC) to provide project officer support to Australian authors in writing new reviews and keeping current reviews up to date. We are seeking to engage parents/care-givers as consumers in the systematic review process. For more information or to contact us, visit .

There are currently 325 reviews on Neonatal Care and 538 on Pregnancy and Childbirth Care in the Cochrane library which is free for all Australians to access.

Cochrane has a rapidly developing consumer network – CCNet– which aims to give people who have experienced health conditions or their carers opportunities to comment on systematic reviews, write summaries, raise new topics or add health outcomes.

The Australasian Satellite of the Cochrane Neonatal Group invites you to join our consumer network.  For more information on Cochrane Consumer Network and how to become a contributor visit

 Victorian Infant Brain Study (VIBeS) research group

The research group looks at brain injury and early brain development in premature and sick infants using state-of-the-art neuroimaging techniques.  They also focus on identifying factors that influence brain maturation in sick infants and determine how they are associated with neurobehavioural development.

Find out more about the wonderful work they do here

Raising Premmies

At Raising Premmies we help parents achieve peak development in their prematurely-born children. We do this by informing, guiding, teaching and counselling parents to become architects of their baby’s brain.  The first years are most important but we can help and work with you and your child at any age. Premmies are more likely to face extra developmental challenges and need their parents’ efforts and dedication more than ever.

At Raising Premmies we help parents achieve peak development in their prematurely-born children. We do this by informing, guiding, teaching and counselling parents to become architects of their baby’s brain.

At Raising Premmies, we will teach you how to be the best parent of a premmie you can be, the rewards for your child will last a lifetime.

Raising Premmies was established by  Dr Carol Newnham, Carol’s core skills areas are in Development, Education and Neuropsychologist.  She has a Masters of Clinical Neuropsychology (LaTrobe University) and a PhD from LaTrobe University.  Primary school teacher (Deakin University)

Raising Premmies services for parents

  • counselling for anxiety, depression, post-traumatic stress disorder and relationship difficulties
  • group sessions in Circle of Security (attachment) training
  • psycho-education about premmie development

They can help premmies reach their peak development by

  • providing an enriched environment
  • locating developmental gaps and then providing targeted interventions to strengthen poorly developing skills.

Services for children (of all ages)

  • Programs that target fundamental skills for each age (including cognitive and sensory gaps commonly found in premmies)
  • Neuropsychological and sensory assessments
  • Individual Intervention programs

The programs developed by Raising Premmies give parents a repertoire of “enrichment” activities

Victorian Association of Neonatal Nurses 

Victorian Association of Neonatal Nurses promotes an environment for nurses involved in neonatal care to network, exchange ideas, formulate policies and seek information.

Australian College of Neonatal Nurses

The Australian College of Neonatal Nurses provides direction and leadership for neonatal nurses thereby enhancing their professional development within the speciality.

Western Sydney University

We have been honoured to be part of this world first 5 year study into the feeding experiences of

parents of infants in the NICU and SCN and following hospital discharge: The results of the first part of the study can be viewed HERE


The Department of Physiotherapy, University of Melbourne

The Department of Physiotherapy at The University of Melbourne – Physiotherapy Student

Community Engagement Program.  One of major aims of the program is to involve physiotherapy students within communities to promote the health and wellbeing of community members.

Royal Women’s Hospital, Melbourne



Gather My Crew

Gather My Crew is a way to ask for and coordinate the right kind of help from friends and family when going through a tough time.

The free and easy to use online tool helps people identify the type of help they need and allows friends, family and colleagues to provide the help when they can.

More details about the program can be seen at HERE


If you would like to talk more about creating a health/research partnership with Life’s Little Treasures Foundation, then we would love to hear from you. Please contact us on:

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