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Breastfeeding your premature baby

SM1-Medela-Infographic-Breast-MilkBreastfeeding is important to all newborns but particularly premature babies as the milk provided by the mother is designed to provide the specific nutrients required by the baby.

Even if you are only able to produce a tiny amount, breastfeeding your premature baby provides benefits.

Medela, a sponsor of Life’s Little Treasures Foundation have an infographic that explains more about the uniqueness of breast milk. Follow the link to view Medela‘s infographic What makes breastmilk so unique?

“Breastfeeding is not that easy; it can be challenging at the best of times.” Read one mother’s story about breastfeeding her premature baby.

Medela-Breastfeeding-NormalMedela also have an infographic about what is the range of normal in breastfeeding?
Through her work, Dr Jacqueline Kent
(University of Western Australia) has succeeded in
redefining the boundaries for ‘normal’ breastfeeding.
There is a wide range of ‘normal’ when it comes to exclusive breastfeeding with respect to how long infants feed, how long each breastfeeding session takes, and how much milk the infant takes in each breastfeeding session.


Other Useful Breastfeeding Resources on the web

The Australian Breastfeeding Association also has a wealth of information on their website regarding breastfeeding. There is also a particular page of information regarding breastfeeding premature babies.

The page covers topics such as:

  • Why is breast milk important for my baby?
  • Why is breastfeeding recommended by your baby’s medical team?
  • Going home without baby
  • Kangaroo care
  • Coming home

This booklet can help guide parents on what to expect with breastfeeding a premature baby.  It can also assist parents to make informed decisions when discussing your baby’s feeding care plan with medical and nursing staff.

The ABA has a breastfeeding helpline service: 1800 MUM 2 MUM (1800 686 2 686) 24 hrs

Australian Lactation Consultants Association

National professional association for Australian International Board Certified Lactation Consultants. Below is a link that will enable you to find a private lactation consultant near you.

Email: [email protected]

Express at home
Melbourne based breast pump hire service, delivered to your home or hospital

Ph: 0433 95 34 34 (24hrs)

Breast Pump Hire Australia
A professional rental service for Breastfeeding mothers. Breast Pump Hire Australia was established to support the growing needs of breastfeeding mothers who require assistance and support while breastfeeding.

Whether you are returning to the workforce or are a stay at home mother, they have only the highest quality hospital grade breast pumps available – Medela Lactina, Medela Symphony & Ameda Elite.

They also supply the accessories you need to use these hospital grade pumps. Due to the high cost involved in purchasing hospital grade breast pumps, they offer this professional service as a cost-effective way to benefit both you and your baby.

For further information, please call Nicole on 0421 221 422.

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