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Grief Support

Where to get support if you have lost a child

• Griefline:
Provides free online and telephone counselling services for Australian’s affected by grief and loss. They are open 12pm — 3am, 7 days a week.
Tel. 1300 845 745
• Grieving Parents Support Network:
This is a peer led global online support network for bereaved parents. You can share your story and find information and resources that other bereaved parents have found helpful
• National Centre for Childhood Grief:
Offers free bereavement counselling for children aged 3-18 who have had a loved one die.
Their offices are located in Sydney. They also offer bereavement camps to their clients.
Tel. 1300 654 556
Offers peer-to-peer support services for families who have experienced early pregnancy loss, medically advised termination, stillbirth or newborn death.

Further Information and Resources

To read another parent’s story on loss, see our blog here.
SANDS have put together an informative pdf download to support fathers experiencing grief. Download it here.
Supporting children through Sibling grief:
To support families during this very difficult time Life’s Little Treasures Foundation in partnership NIDCAP Australasia have developed ‘My BRAVE Journey’, an interactive, guided children’s colouring in book. Learn more here.
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