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Breastmilk Expressing

by Wendy Taverna My surprised introduction to expressing started 12 hours after my daughter Sophie was born by emergency C-section at 24 weeks. Initially I was stunned when the nurse asked me had I considered if I wanted to breastfeed her. My initial thoughts were consumed on ‘was Sophie going

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Weaning program for tube dependant children

NoTube LLC ( Notube is the first website offering an effective online medical coaching service(netcoaching program) for children with early eating behavior disorders,particularly tube dependency. The Netcoaching program is based on the “Grazmethod of tube weaning”, through which more than 1000 tube dependent children over the past 20 years have been

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Fish and Tips!

Natalie & George from Kerrimuir Fish & Chips Box Hill North Natalie has been collecting tips for the past year at the shop and has raised a huge $1,300!.  What a fantastic thing to do for us!  Natalie is the mother of a 26 weeker premmie Peter, who was born

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Thank you – International Women’s Day

We would never be able to achieve all the things we do if it wasn’t for the amazing assistance and work of our army of volunteers and people out in the community running fundraising events for us. In March we celebrated International Women’s Day, we were thrilled to be the

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