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Parent Stories

We finally welcomed our baby home after 84 days

Jessica went into spontaneous labour, giving birth to her daughter at 27 weeks. This is her story: On the 2nd of June with no warning our baby girl decided she was ready to arrive, even though she was 13 weeks early at only 27 weeks gestation. After only 3 hours

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We were told one of our babies was not going to make it

Trigger Warning: The following story and pictures may be distressing for some people. This is Katrina’s story: In 2017, we were so excited to discover we would be welcoming a baby in April 2018. After our first ultrasound, we found out we were expecting twins. Our babies would be identical!

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It felt like one step forward, two steps back

When Felix was born at 27 weeks, mum, Florence, says the journey that followed was challenging and full of anxiety This is Florence’s story: Our second son, Felix, was born at 27+5 weeks gestation and weighing 1050g in January 2022 after PPROM at 23 weeks. From the get-go this pregnancy

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At 28 weeks, it was safer for my baby to be born

Kate’s world turned upside down when a routine scan at 28 weeks resulted in an emergency transfer to a high level maternity hospital. This is Kate’s story: Monday, 22 November was the day our lives were turned upside down when I had a growth check scan. Having had a small

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