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How your donation can make a difference to a family in need

llt-donate-online-nowThank you for considering donating to the Life’s Little Treasures Foundation

In the past year over 45,000 babies were admitted into neonatal intensive care and special care units throughout Australia.

This translates to over

  • 115 admissions every day
  • 1,300 of these babies weighed less than 1000 grams, which is lighter than a bag of sugar

 Premature birth is the number one killer of newborns

How your donation can make a difference


$10 $ 10 – Provides a family, whose Little Treasure is in neonatal care, with a copy of our hospital survival folder “A Guiding hand for families in NICU & Special Care”. Information for parents during a vulnerable baby’s first few weeks in neonatal care is invaluable.

$20 $20 – Enables us to continue providing our monthly Treasure Time support playgroups. Parents meeting and befriending others on the same journey provides invaluable support.

$50 $30 – Enables us to provide a family with a LLTF pack, containing critical information & tip sheets, such as our Parent Guide and Newsletter, which provides parents with updated and relevant information on premature baby issues.

$30 $50 – Provides thirteen families with a download of the Premature Baby Journal App.  The app is designed to track baby’s progress through hospital and beyond. It is packed full of features making it easy to track baby’s feeds, expressing times, weight gain as well as keeping a journal for all the milestones baby achieves. Your gift will provide a family with a way to navigate and understand what is happening to their Little Treasure.

$100 $100 – Provides distribution to 10 families of the Life’s Little Treasures hospital folders, providing current and vital information for families caring for premmie or sick babies. Knowledge empowers parents and enables them to better support their little baby.

Other – We are of course very appreciative of any donation you can make and you can be sure it will be going towards helping a family of a premature or sick baby.

llt-donate-online-nowAll donations over $2 are tax deductible

Thank you for your generosity in supporting our Foundation



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