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CEO encourages LLTF community to “Pay it forward” and help families in need

Dear LLTF Supporter

You may have heard of the term “paying it forward”. It basically involves providing assistance to others after receiving similar help yourself. It reminds us that we are all connected and shows that we have the power to be there for others in their time of need.

As members of the Life’s Little Treasures community, you know better than most the impact that information, support and understanding can make when faced with a pre-term or sick infant.

As we reach the end of the financial year, we’d love you to consider ‘paying it forward’: make a tax deductable donation before June 30th to help us to reach more families like the Glen & Charlotte Cullen, who have touched our hearts immensely and whose story we’d like to share with you now.


Their Story

Brisbane couple Charlotte and Glen Cullen welcomed their third child, Jeremiah, into the world on May 16th 2011 at just 28 weeks. They spent 8 weeks in hospital, with a few complications before taking their little man home. When Charlotte again fell pregnant, they feared another preterm delivery. This time they made it 33 weeks and welcomed baby Alecia into the world on January 9th 2013. This time the complications experienced were much more severe, she fought a very brave battle but sadly she passed away at just 7 ½ months old.

When Charlotte was in hospital with both Jeremiah and Alecia she received very little information about what to expect and where to access support. Thanks to Life’s Little Treasures she was able to connect with other parents through our parent support network who had been through the experience and come out the other side.

“Talking to other mums, knowing that even though it’s a very long road there is light at the end of the tunnel was a great comfort”

The Cullen’s know what a difference the right support and information can make. Resources like our Hospital Resource folders (“A Guiding Hand”)– over 1,000 of which are now distributed each month in over 70 hospitals around the country – and our smartphone apps (“NICU Words” and “Premature Baby Journal”).

“I love the hospital folder that Life’s Little Treasures gives out. I also think the smartphone app is brilliant – to be able to document every tiny little step and milestone, as well as the setbacks.”

Read More of the Cullen’s Story HERE  

It’s for this reason that Charlotte and Glen wanted to share their story and pay it forward. Not only do we all need to continue raising awareness of preterm birth, we also need to provide more services so that no family has to go through the experience alone.

You can make a difference with a once-off tax deductible Donation or elect to make it ongoing.

How does your donation help:



Find out more about how your donation can help HERE 


I encourage you to forward this email to family and friends who shared your premature birth journey and may be keen to support others who are going through the same experience. You may even encourage your workplace to get involved as part of their end of financial year giving.

So please, let’s all “Pay it Forward” and provide a family currently in hospital with all the necessary support and information they need.

Thank you for your continued support



Shusannah Morris

LLTF Co Founder & CEO


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