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Anakin’s Story

Our little treasure Anakin’s due date is this week, which is still an emotional time for us even 2 years on. He was born weighing just 1 kg at 30 weeks, miraculously surviving threatened miscarriages from 17 weeks and then my waters breaking at 23 weeks from Influenza A.

After 3 more months in hospital dealing with CMV, chronic lung disease, surgery, as well as feeding and movement challenges, we were able to take him home.

Our story didn’t end there because he was diagnosed with cerebral palsy, sleep apneas and hearing loss, so our lives have revolved around doctors and therapy.

Anakin’s big sister has been by his side every step of the way even while going through her own journey with autism.

We were lucky enough to be able to go on our very first Walk for Prems as a family this year so we could give back a little to the community that has supported us through it all.

It has inspired me to start work on a book that will hopefully help other premmie families in hospitals around the country.

You can follow our adventures @invis.abilities on Instagram and Facebook to find out more.

Amrita Das Kapodistrias



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