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This is a touching and inspirational story from Brooke Edwards who was born 3 months prem about 30 or so years ago. I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I did. It just goes to show how far you can go and what you can achieve with belief,

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After having a had a perfectly happy, healthy little girl and then a bit of a struggle with some miscarriages we were absolutely overjoyed to make it to the 12 week let-your-breath-out ultra sound with our boy Jack. In reality, it was where we just took one even deeper breath

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Although it’s been over 7 years, I still remember the events leading to Luke’s birth on 27 Feb 2003. My pregnancy was going fine, not too different from when I was pregnant with my daughter Maya. I was about 6 months pregnant and had invited a few of my friends

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Well you’d say I had a perfect pregnancy, I fell pregnant straight away, didn’t have much morning sickness (lucky me). Everything else was textbook stuff, although we were worried about Congenital Heart problems as there’s a strong family history. So everything was going along like clockwork. I was still in

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Nixon’s journey begins when Trent & I found out that I was pregnant. In September 2005 with just 2 weeks before we were due to get married we were extremely shocked but thrilled to be pregnant. I had a complication free pregnancy. I never really experienced morning sickness, which I

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It was November 23rd 1981, when my mum and brother were enjoying a Kinder Christmas Party, that I decided it was time to enter the big wide world……at 28 weeks gestation! After mum experienced the unmistakable feeling of her waters breaking, it was time to pay her GP a visit.

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“What ever you do don’t push” instructed my Obstetrician, ‘you are 5cm dilated and are going to have your baby soon’. ‘We need to do an emergency caesarean to give your baby the best chance of survival as she is breach and so tiny’. I was just 24 weeks pregnant

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Our son Christopher turns 30 this week. It is hard to believe that he could be as old as that – many of you reading this may be the same age, or even younger! Even though it was a long time ago, it is very hard to forget the details

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Bradley Family’s Story

Thomas & Alexander Bradley-Miracles born at 24.4 weeks After 4 years of trying to conceive we turned to IVF to try and realise our dream of becoming parents.  We were so lucky when after just one cycle of IVF we received the news that we were finally pregnant.  We were

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Leading up to…… The Friday before I had been at my mother in laws for dinner and had been sitting on the floor when I noticed that my feet had swollen up to the size of elephants.   On to the Sunday morning I woke up with  headache so my Mum

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