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Interview with our partner Baby Bunting CEO Matt Spencer

We are grateful for the wonderful support we receive from our Corporate Partners. We have a lot of services we provide to families across Australia and projects we wish to complete.  The assistance we receive from these generous organisations enables us to achieve these.  Baby Bunting is passionate about supporting the foundation and its work.

We sat down with its CEO Matt Spencer and chatted to him about our partnership.


What inspires Baby Bunting to support Life’s Little Treasures Foundation?
Baby Bunting’s core purpose is to support new and expectant parents through the journey of parenthood. Life’s Little Treasures is dedicated to providing support, friendship and information to families of premature or sick babies. Therefore there is a very natural fit for a partnership like ours.  LLT provides an amazing service to parents going through a worrying time and Baby Bunting team members feel very passionate about being involved to help make a difference to all new parents, in particular assisting those who have a more difficult start.

Baby Bunting has partnered with Life’s Little Treasures Foundation for almost 3 years now, over the course of the partnership is there anything you’ve seen or learnt that has surprised you?
Each year, I am still very surprised by the number of babies born premature or sick and needing specialist care.  From a partnership perspective, I continue to be inspired by the amount of work and effort put in by the small dedicated team at LLTF and so naturally we are so pleased to partner with LLTF to assist with supporting the team and the foundation and in particular the fundraising through the walk for prems. I get really encouraged every year by the number of people participating in the walk and am touched by families and friends who have had premature or sick babies and who walk together as their own support group. It is an incredible feeling to part of this special event.

How has the partnership impacted employee morale?
The partnership really brings a sense of purpose to the Team.  Our Team enthusiastically gets behind and supports the fundraising efforts for the Life’s Little Treasures Foundation. We also have a number of Team Members who have had their own experiences with premature and sick babies and they willingly share their stories with others in the business. Each year that we have participated, there have been more Team Members participate in the walk. Our Team really get behind the fundraising and this year we raised over $40,000 through the sale of Walk for Prems Stickers to our customers, something we are all very proud of.

Baby Bunting is Australia’s largest baby and nursery retailer. As CEO, what would be your top tip for parents expecting their first baby?
Embarking on parenthood is an exciting, wonderful and momentous thing.  Having two children myself, my top tip would be; treasure every moment and make the most of being a new parent as your children grow up very quickly.

Baby Bunting has been the Presenting Partner of Walk for Prems for the previous two years but this isn’t the only way it supports Life’s Little Treasures Foundation. Can you tell us about how else Baby Bunting assists the charity?
Baby Bunting is also a major Corporate Partner of Life’s Little Treasures Foundation. This partnership assists the foundation in funding its products and services including publication of its Special Care Nursery Booklet – a comprehensive, written guide for parents with a baby in a Special Care Nursery. This year, I am so proud of the efforts of our stores and customers who raised $43,200 by way of in store donations. These funds will go a long way to enabling LLTF to provide families with a premature or sick baby with the information and support they need. It will also help LLTF to expand its Peer to Peer Support Network and Precious Prem Pack program.



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