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Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate Major Corporate Sponsor

Earlier this year Life’s Little Treasures Foundation was so thrilled and proud to announce that Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate – The Ponds and Bella Vista joined Baby Bunting as a Major Corporate Sponsor of LLTF. This exciting new sponsorship is helping LLTF extend the reach of crucial existing programs whilst raising much needed awareness about prematurity in Australia. We take this opportunity to thank Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate for their incredible support. We are so happy to be working with you.

Peter Knower (Sales Associate), Saeshen Attapallil (BHGRE Licensee – The Ponds & Bella Vista), Depak Mishra, Julia Zaetta and Charles Tarbey.
(Header image shows Depak Mishra, Charles Tarbey (BHGRE Chairman) with Merryn Csincsi (LLTF))

“Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate – The Ponds & Bella Vista are delighted to be a Major Corporate Sponsor of the Life’s Little Treasures Foundation.  We are extremely proud to collaborate with a Foundation who understands the importance of supporting and educating families with premature or sick babies and helping them through their journey. As a brand, Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate The Ponds and Bella Vista aims to become a relevant and meaningful part of consumers’ lives for all things related to their home, and with our consumer reach, we hope to promote the fantastic work of Life’s Little Treasures Foundation and raise awareness of prematurity across Australia, with the hope that it can lead to better outcomes for premature and sick babies and their families.”

Saeshen Attapallil, Licensee in Charge

Better homes and Gardens sat down with LLTF to discuss the partnership

Tell us a little bit about BHGRE – The Ponds and Bella Vista. 

Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate – The Ponds and Bella Vista is an extension of the well known and much loved Better Homes and Gardens brand – this is their real estate arm and our office in The Ponds, Sydney was the first office to open in Australia! Our Bella Vista office will be opening in a few months and they will be managed together.  

We’re not just a traditional real estate agency focusing on sales, we’re a full service agency that aims to help people achieve their property and lifestyle goals – so everything from renovating, styling, maintenance and landscaping – plus buying and selling real estate and property management for landlords!

Being linked to one of the largest media brands in Australia, we believe we can offer Australians a unique way of presenting and marketing their homes, while also tapping into the expertise and guidance provided through the Better Homes and Gardens TV Show and magazine. 

What inspired BHGRE – The Ponds and Bella Vista to partner with LLTF?

Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate – The Ponds and Bella Vista values lifestyle and family, and having been through the premature journey ourselves with a daughter born 13 weeks early, we can appreciate the hardship that many face, and understand the importance of information and friendship during these difficult times.

We came across the work of Life’s Little Treasures Foundation a couple of years ago before commencing with BHGRE, and once we started this venture, we thought it was a great opportunity to get behind the work of LLTF by contributing financially and also using our local presence to help spread awareness. 

Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate – The Ponds and Bella Vista are so proud to be a Major Corporate Sponsor of LLTF and we are thrilled that our contribution can help you continue to provide love and support to babies and families across Australia. 

What does BHGRE hope the partnership will achieve?

Through our own experience, we know that having a sick or premature baby can be isolating, and feeling supported through that journey is priceless – whether it is through information, gifts, a friendly voice to speak with or a friendly face to greet you.

We have seen the great work of the Foundation and the multiple initiatives – from morning teas to fundraising drives to information bags, and we believe they all make a huge impact for the families receiving them. We hope our partnership with LLTF will allow these much needed initiatives to continue into the future and secondly, we hope through building our local presence, we are also able to build awareness of prematurity and the support services available through the Foundation.

BHGRE is sponsoring LLTF’s Precious Prem Pack program. Why did BHGRE nominate this particular program to support?

Having experienced a premature birth and spending months in hospital, we know how isolating an experience it can be, and how heartfelt and uplifting it is to feel supported during that time. Information is one the best ways to feel more in control of the journey as it is really is a whole new world in the NICU and Special Care Nursery, so we believe LLTF’s Precious Prem Pack program, packed full of information and other goodies,  is a beautiful way to let families know we are thinking about them during their hardship, while providing them with something meaningful for their journey.We know how much we would have loved a Precious Prem Pack during our hospital stay, so we are thrilled to be able to sponsor the program for other babies and families to enjoy. 



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